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College Football 2015: Week 1 Recap
Tuesday, 2015 September 8 - 8:56 pm
Michigan loses its opener on the road; NCSU beats up on a cupcake. Also some interesting upsets from around the country.

Michigan 17, Utah 24
Well, anyone expecting an immediate renaissance from Harbaugh may have been disappointed. It was probably unreasonable to think that we'd get a huge leap in execution with a new quarterback and a still-developing offensive line.

In the end it looked a lot like last year: poor run-blocking, three interceptions, and some defensive difficulty handling an up-tempo opponent.

Nonetheless, there's plenty of reason to be optimistic. The game was much closer than last year. If not for the turnovers, Michigan's passing attack was fairly effective, with Jake Butt looking to be an impossible matchup for opposing defenses. The wide receivers were frequently open downfield, though Jake Rudock didn't manage to connect with them on deep balls. The defensive line looked extremely good, especially Chris Wormley, who was a disruptive force.

The run game still has me worried. Missed assignments on the offensive line are proving to be a killer, and the running backs are not talented or aggressive enough to elude unblocked defenders. That needs to get fixed, and quickly.

Next week should prove to be a bit easier against Oregon State.

NCSU 49, Troy 21
Well, this game really proved nothing. Troy is a dismal opponent, and this wasn't much more than a glorified practice. Yes, Jacoby Brissett had a stellar game, completing 21 of 23 passes, and Matt Dayes was an effective runner. But still... it's Troy. Next weekend isn't any better, with a game against Eastern Kentucky. Yikes.

Notable Games
Nebraska lost to BYU 28-33. This game was most notable for the fact that BYU's backup quarterback threw a last-second Hail Mary for 42 yards for the win. That will be on highlight reels for decades to come.

#1 Ohio State trounced Virginia Tech 42-24. The game was fairly close until Tech's quarterback broke a collarbone. OSU's offense looked unstoppable at times, with big-play players seemingly at every position. They're scary.

#3 Alabama had a fairly easy time with #20 Wisconsin, winning 35-17.

#2 TCU squeaked by Minnesota 23-17. Minnesota's defense might be for real, but I'm not yet convinced they're going to contend for the Big Ten title.

#5 Michigan State had some difficulty putting away Western Michigan, winning 37-24. MSU's defensive secondary looks a little suspect, though they're likely to improve as the season goes on.

Penn State lost to Temple 27-10, which caused a lot of former Penn State players to grumble loudly on Twitter. Temple thoroughly dominated the game, and Penn State should be very worried about the remainder of the season.

Northwestern beat #21 Stanford. Northwestern was underrated; Stanford was vastly overrated.

Texas A&M beat #15 Arizona State soundly, winning 38-17.

#13 UCLA beat Virginia 34-16.

#11 Notre Dame stomped Texas 38-3. Might be a long year for Texas.

#7 Oregon had some trouble with Eastern Washington, winning 61-42. Next week's game against Michigan State might be a high-scoring affair.

#6 Auburn beat Louisville 31-24.

#22 Arizona beat UTSA 42-32 but paid a big price, as all-American linebacker Scooby Wright suffered a serious knee injury.

#23 Boise State beat Washington 16-13.

Finally, in the Terrible Win of the Week, Indiana managed to beat Southern Illinois 48-47.
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