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Weekend Update
Tuesday, 2007 January 23 - 8:43 am
On Saturday, my friend Anna remarked, "You and Amy go out a lot more now that you're married." Indeed, we went out both Friday and Saturday night this past weekend.

Friday we started off going to Hooters. Even though I tell everyone that I like going to Hooters for their wings, that's like saying you read Playboy for the articles... no one believes you even if it's true. But really, I like their wings. In my heyday, I could eat more than 30 in a sitting. The fact that I can now eat only 20 or so, and the fact that I use words like "heyday", means I'm probably getting old. I think if you're a man, you've hit your peak in life when you can eat as many Hooters wings as your age.

Afterwards we went to Haven, which is doing its best to be the next new undiscovered hole-in-the-wall lounge. It's a cool little place, with pretty good music. It probably won't be long before it's overtaken by spillover from Bogart's and Sullivan's, the two meet-market bars nearby... but for now, it's a refuge from the drunken I-was-once-a-frat-boy crowd.

As for what happened at Haven, well, I can't really talk about it. It was truly scandalous, the way we behaved in that place. The only anecdote that's fit to share is from our friend Brett, who introduced us to his "spit technique". The idea, apparently, is that if you feel like you're about to puke, you start spitting continuously into a cup. By focusing on that task, you can stave off the pukage. I guess it worked, because he didn't puke... but he nearly made the rest of us puke, watching him do it. The quote of the evening: as Brett was hitting on a girl, Amy said to him: "Brett, show her the SPIT TECHNIQUE! THAT will impress her."

Saturday night, Anna and Michelle (of bachelor party fame) had a casino-themed party. I made a discovery: dealing blackjack is almost as much fun as playing it. I'd almost say I'd take a job as a blackjack dealer, but only on the condition that I be able to drink while dealing. Is there anyone that allows that?

Sunday we stayed in, recuperating.
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