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Hockey Can SUCK IT
Tuesday, 2007 May 22 - 11:57 pm
The Red Wings go down in six to Anaheim.

Oh. Hurt.

Detroit made it exciting tonight, cutting a three-goal deficit to one... but in the end, Anaheim prevailed in game six to advance to the Stanley Cup championship. The Red Wings are done again.

Detroit has a ton of talent on offense, but it's painfully clear that they're in need of more talented defensemen. Lidstrom and Chelios have skills, but both have lost a step with age. Poor puck-handling by the defense has led to WAY too many goals this year.

And speaking of poor puck-handling, can we please get rid of Todd Bertuzzi? He's like Chewbacca on ice skates out there.

In most years, I feel like Detroit has the most talent in the NHL, but is eliminated in the playoffs due to bad breaks and circumstance. This time, Anaheim is obviously the more talented team. Anaheim has more speed, more puck control, better defense, and better goaltending. Props to them.

Ah well. Guess I'll have to hope for the Pistons now.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2007 May 23 - 9:27 am : #
Go Sens Go!!!!

You know what though? This was a great season. The Wings should not have been here. When Stevie retired and Shanny bolted for NY, was there anyone left that thought the Wings would get this far?

As far as the defense, remember that we lost Schneider and Kronwall. Our top 4 was Lidstrom, Chelios, Markov and Lilja. Lidstrom with a lost step is still better than 90% of the D in the NHL. Had Schneider not gotten hurt, I guarantee we'd have gotten more PP goals, especially the ones we failed to get on the 5 on 3s in the series.

Also remember how many games Bertuzzi played this year. Like 10? We were lucky to get what we got out of him. I think this allows us to sign Bert for a lot less money and I'd like to see a full season with him in the winged wheel. We need bigger guys like him because if there's one thing the Wings didn't do well in these last few games, it was going to the net. They took too many shots from the perimeter. The three goals the Wings scored in the 3rd period last night were a result of guys going to the net. If only they had that energy earlier in the game.

Honestly, I'm not sure we saw the same series because I think the teams were evenly matched. There were stretches when Anaheim took it to us and stretches when we took it to them. And Game 5 was one big bad break for sure with the deflection off Lidstrom's stick. 95% of the time, that deflection doesn't go in the net.

The Wings have a very bright future. A lot of young guys stepped up in the playoffs like Val Filppula and Kyle Quincey.

Good luck to Anaheim, but I hope Chris Pronger gets his skate caught in a rut in practice and tears an ACL.
Comment #2 from Noelle (Guest)
2007 May 23 - 2:29 pm : #
Did anyone notice the duck's goalie's last name? He's my 2nd cousin. I've never met him but I knew he existed. So weird to hear the announcer say your bizarre last name perfect every time.
Comment #3 from JohnC (Guest)
2007 May 23 - 8:46 pm : #
1) I hate Chris Pronger
2) Mathieu Schnieder and Cronwall were injured, they are our furutre on defense.
Comment #4 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Jun 2 - 2:14 pm : #
Hasek being 287 (dog years) old doesn't help. It's time to find a young replacement for the future. But I will say, despite his age, he's still a top goalie in the league. Just not for years to come.

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