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Television: American Idol - The Boys
Monday, 2005 February 21 - 9:20 pm
So, American Idol is back. And now it's on THREE times a week, so that's the number of times I have to remind myself that I'm NOT a teenage girl.

Tonight we started with the 12 male finalists, and I have to say, as a group, they were pretty uninspiring. Not one superstar among them so far. I guess it's still early yet.

First, I have to say, Scott Savol is one scary looking dude. I'll be amazed if he makes it to next week, unless people are purposely voting contrarian.

Second, I'll predict that Anthony Fedorov will make it a long way, because he has that Clay-Aiken-like clean-cut look, and none of the other performers fall into the same category. A lot of moms and eight-year-old girls will vote for him.

Third, I'll predict that Constantine Maroulis will also make it a long way, based solely on his rock-performer charisma. He'll attract the teenage vote, outlasting the other rocker Bo Bice. Bo is probably a better singer, but he acts a bit too much like a stoned 40-year-old hippie.

The rest of the group was ho-hum. Anwar Robinson and Joseph Murena gave the best performances, in my opinion, though the judges seemed to like Mario Vazquez. But even they were fairly safe and uninspiring. I think it's difficult for the male performers: on the one hand, they want to sing songs that show off their voices; on the other hand, they don't want to sound like cheesy R&B lounge singers. The one area everyone needs to work on, I think, is song selection. That should improve as we go on.

Tomorrow we'll see the girls. Many of them weren't terribly impressive in the early rounds, so we'll just have to hope that they step it up. I'll write about them tomorrow evening, and then I PROMISE to avoid writing about American Idol again until near the end of the season, when there's only a few left. We'll see if all my predictions pan out.

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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Mar 2 - 12:12 am : #
Okay, I can't resist commenting.

My two early favorites are crashing and burning. They need to step it up a bit. Bo Bice may pass Constantine if he keeps doing well. Mario Vazquez is the most improved male performer this week.

More next week.
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Mar 9 - 9:49 pm : #
It's down to the final twelve, and my two favorites among the boys are now Anthony Federov and Anwar Robinson. Bo Bice is doing better than Constantine Maroulis at the moment, but both should continue to make it. Mario Vazquez is performing well but lacks charisma. Scott Savol is still freaky and I can't believe he's made it this far.

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