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College Football Recap: Week 8
Sunday, 2010 October 24 - 12:10 pm
Michigan and N.C. State are both idle this week; another #1 team falls as part of a tumultuous college football weekend.

Notable Games

#1 Oklahoma lost to #11 Missouri 36-27. I see this as only a mild upset; Missouri was unbeaten and playing great. This is the third time in three weeks that the #1 team has lost. Isn't college football awesome?

#2 Oregon absolutely demolished UCLA 60-13. Oregon should be the clear #1 team in the country this week... but look out, they play an improving USC team next week.

#4 Auburn beat #6 LSU in a battle of unbeatens, 24-17. I fully expected Auburn to win this one; I'm actually a bit surprised that LSU managed to stay that close. Auburn has a relatively easy slate of games before their showdown with Alabama on November 26th. There's a chance they may enter that game as the #1 team.

#7 Michigan State rallied from behind to beat Northwestern 35-27. Northwestern will regret this loss; they had plenty of opportunities to win this game, but squandered it with mistakes like fumbling the ball on the MSU 1-yard-line. MSU remains undefeated; their showdown with Iowa next week should determine whether they finish the year at 12-0.

Speaking of #15 Iowa, they lost to #13 Wisconsin 31-30. Wisconsin has looked awfully good since their loss to MSU, and they have no ranked teams left on their schedule.

#16 Nebraska handed #14 Oklahoma State its first loss, 51-41.

#19 Texas lost to Iowa State 28-21. Texas was ranked #5 in the preseason; they'll easily drop out of the polls now.

Syracuse beat #20 West Virginia 19-14, and Baylor beat #22 Kansas State 47-42. I mention Syracuse and Baylor because in recent years, these programs have been horrible. Now they're 5-2 and 6-2, respectively, and theoretically in contention for their conference titles. (Baylor has yet to play most of their division foes, though.)

Penn State managed to get by Minnesota 33-21. Penn State was without its starting quarterback for much of the game; Minnesota was without its head coach Tim Brewster, who was fired earlier this week.

Illinois stomped Indiana 43-13. Michigan's win over Indiana looks worse and worse each week.

Notre Dame lost to Navy 35-13. This is the third time in four years that Navy has beaten Notre Dame; before that, Notre Dame had won 43 times in a row.

And tracking other former Michigan opponents, UConn got blanked by Louisville, 26-0; Bowling Green lost of Ken State 30-6; UMass lost to New Hampshire 39-13. Guh. Every team that Michigan defeated lost this week.

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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from Phil Marsosudiro (Guest)
2010 Oct 24 - 8:41 pm : #
Wall Street Journal had an interesting article this week on the rise of the "middle class" in college football.


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