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Still Standing
Saturday, 2005 June 11 - 11:39 pm
Not gotta let the man woman get me down.

My first inclination was to talk about how tired and bummed I was from the events of this last week. But I won't succumb to that. I blew this whole day moping and I'm mad at myself for that, so I'm going to put a stop to it.

Today's two-mile time: 17:15. Not any better than last time, but no worse either. I'm going to try running again tomorrow, because I think I need to increase the frequency. Plus, after a week full of drinking, I need a little bit of cleansing.

There's a song I can't stop listening to lately: "Don't Phunk With My Heart" (iTunes link), by the Black Eyed Peas. I mean, it's not really all that deep or anything, but it's got a cool groove. Sometimes I even dance to it a little, though not when anyone's watching. I just like the fact that I can still relate to pop music. I feel like that's one real sign of getting old: when you think "all of today's music is crap". You might as walk around saying, "Back in my day, I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time..."

Here's a question for you all... suppose you're in a relationship with someone, or you're married, or you're otherwise unapproachable. However, you have another friend who is secretly madly in love with you. Would you want to be told? I suspect the answer for most people is that they would kinda like to know, but they would rather not have it said out loud, because it would just makes things uncomfortable. This is, um, a hypothetical question. Yeah.

Coming up this week: lunch with Four Hot Women, and drinks with Queen B... kinda like a week I had back in April. Also, party at "Lily's" house on Saturday, dinner with Anna at some point, dinner with "Connie" on Sunday... lots to occupy my mind and make me forget about dating for a little while.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Jun 12 - 3:16 pm : #
The above Grandpa Simpson quote is one of my all-time favorites.

As for your hypothetical, it's an interesting situation, and I'd imagine that most people would probably answer as you suspected. Though I probably shouldn't go into the details, this has actually happened to me, and while I suppose it was nice to know, it of course didn't really change anything. It's the kind of thing that sometimes works out in Julia Roberts movies, but I'm not sure it's ever won anyone a relationship with Hugh Grant in real life. But the real question is, are you going to tell us more about this "hypothetical" or will we have to suffer with our curiosity indefinitely?
Comment #2 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Jun 12 - 6:54 pm : #
I must be old, because I've thought that a lot of modern music has been crap for a long time. But a lot of older music is crap too, so, um, maybe I'm overly selective.

I asked my cousin last year (he was 17 at the time) if a lot of the "alternative" music sounds the same, or if I was just old, and bless his heart, he not only said it was all the same, but also said that it sucked. Maybe he was just trying to let me down easy.
Comment #3 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Jun 12 - 7:01 pm : #
Oh, and as for the Black Eyed Peas, it still boggles my mind that that little girl from Kids Incorporated grew up to be Fergie.
Comment #4 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Jun 12 - 10:15 pm : #
No, I would not want to know.
Comment #5 from Melinda (Guest)
2005 Jun 13 - 10:44 am : #
That song makes me want to dance too, just can't help it :) and...
No,I would not want to know.
Comment #6 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Jun 13 - 6:08 pm : #
Well, it seems like most people wouldn't want to know. I guess I can understand that; it just makes things complicated. In light of that, I guess I can't really go beyond the hypothetical, because if this were NOT a hypothetical question, then the hypothetical person might hypothetically be reading this. Sorry, MC.
Comment #7 from Cori (Guest)
2005 Jun 13 - 7:04 pm : #
I would want to know.
Comment #8 from Jen (Guest)
2005 Jun 14 - 12:02 am : #
first off, i think that it is generally a bad thing to tell someone that you are in love with them or that you love them unless you have a strong reason to believe that they feel the same. too much pressure... it would definitely result in awkwardness. thus, those words should only be spoken at some point deep into a relationship. if you aren't in a relationship with that person, then telling him/her that you have a crush on them is much more reasonable. if that pans out, you can always admit to more later.

as a married person: no, i wouldn't NEED to know, but i would still WANT to know. as long as the person who likes me is just telling me for the sake of telling me, and not with any hope that i would leave my marriage for him/her or have an affair with him/her, because i never would. it is always good for my self-esteem to know that people appreciate how great i am! i loved how this situation with keira knightly was handled in 'love, actually'. i thought that was perfect and beautiful.

if i were just someone in a relationship: i'd definitely WANT to know, because what if i were also secretly harboring a crush on that person? what if i were not actually truly happy in my current relationship, and that information would inspire me to consider ending it to explore other options? (note that i believe that you should be totally happy in a relationship or you should end it and seek other options. if you don't, then you might end up in a marriage that isn't totally happy, and everyone deserves a blissfully happy marriage.)

i love considering hypothetical situations. it is so much more fun than handling real life!
Comment #9 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Jun 15 - 12:06 am : #
Yeah, Grampa Simpson!

As for the hypothetical question -- did you see My Best Friend's Wedding? OK, the only important reasons to see that movie are the opening (in which Ani DiFranco's voice dubs over some hilarious women in taffeta) and the fish house scene with Rupert Everett and others doing a Dionne Warwick tune. But Rupert says something wise to Julia Roberts about how to divulge her love, and what will happen. I liked his thinking. Good luck to you, in whichever role you have.
Comment #10 from Gina (Guest)
2005 Jun 16 - 7:54 pm : #
I was all ready to say "Why yes, of course I'd want to be told," when I stopped and thought about how dang-blasted *awkward* it is to be liked (not even *luuuurved*) by someone who you know (and are not even friends with, really). I did the simple equation [awk(aquaintance+like)*14bazillion=awk(friend+lurrrrve)] and decided my inital impression was just plain wrong.
Comment #11 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Jun 17 - 1:25 am : #
(*gasp*) A visit from the Lint Queen!

Thank you for clarifying the mathematics of this.

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