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Dating Update
Monday, 2005 June 13 - 11:02 pm
Some revelations and some advice.

So tonight, the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross" (based on the David Mamet play) was on the Flix movie channel. If you haven't seen this movie, you should watch it just for the Alec Baldwin scene near the beginning. His character is sent to a real estate sales office to shake up and strike fear into the underperforming salesmen, and the scene is absolutely mesmerizing.

Anyway, as he's dressing down the sales guys, he gives two mnemonics. First, ABC: Always Be Closing. Every action they make should be progressing towards closing the sale. Second, AIDA: Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. Those are the stages towards closing the sale: get the person's attention, gauge their interest, move them towards making a decision, and then do it.

The reason this was interesting was that it suddenly occurred to me that making a sale is just like picking up a woman in a bar. It's the same technique, it requires the same smooth aggressiveness, and some people are just better at it than others. I don't know why I didn't make this connection before.

Me, I'm a lousy salesman. Really. But the next time I'm in a bar, I'm going to be saying "Always Be Closing" to myself over and over. Even though I might be lacking in natural talent, I'm positive that I can figure out how to do this. It's a learned behavior, and it just takes practice. Always Be Closing.

So that's my advice to myself. Now, a few words for you ladies who are out there in the on-line dating world.

First, don't tell me how funny you are by saying, "I have a sense of humor and I require someone who also has a sense of humor." Because, you know, that doesn't really make you seem very funny.

Second, I don't mind if you describe yourself as "curvy", and I'll even go so far as to say I like "curvy" women, but I would prefer it if you did not think of "spherical" as "curvy", even though a sphere might technically be a series of curved surfaces.

Third, you might want to get a little feedback before you give yourself the nickname "SweetPee". I mean, it may be true, but I really don't want to know how you know that.

Just trying to help.
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Posted by Ken in: dating


Comment #1 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Jun 14 - 10:37 am : #
Spherical? Is she the Pillsbury Doughwoman? Free bread-in-a-can for life!
Comment #2 from Travis Tidmore (Guest)
2005 Jun 14 - 5:01 pm : #
I didn't make it all the way through that movie, I rented it a year ago cause I kep hearing good things, and I was so bored I finally just turned it off.

Spherical, that funny!
Comment #3 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Jun 15 - 12:08 am : #
Poor Travis -- not to like one of the most perfect plays/movies ever!

But good for Travis to remind me of another movie that some folks crack up over: Raising Arizona.

punk: "do you got any balloons that blow up into funny shapes?"
clerk: "not unless you think round's funny."

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