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College Football 2021: Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Preview
Friday, 2021 September 17 - 10:52 pm
Michigan and Penn State win; NCSU lays an egg.

Michigan 31, Washington 10
Perhaps Washington was never quite as good as we thought, and the issue seems to be the unimaginative coaching, not necessarily the athletic talent. Michigan ran the ball to the point of ridiculousness and Washington insisted in keeping two safeties deep. So fine. Michigan wanted to establish an identity as a running team and now they’ve had the chance to do so. I don’t have a lot of takeaways from this game because it seemed more like an extended scrimmage than real game. But I’ll take it. Michigan’s season outlook has improved to eight or more wins.

Michigan vs. Northern Illinois, Noon BTN
Meanwhile Northern Illinois is shaping up to be a more formidable opponent than we might have expected. Yes they just lost to Wyoming but it was NIU made a furious comeback to make it close. They also beat Georgia Tech in week 1. With former MSU quarterback Rocky Lombardi at the helm, they just might make things interesting for a quarter.

Prediction: Michigan 38, NIU 13.

Penn State 44, Ball State 13
It was Ball State. So don’t get too excited. A win is a win though.

Penn State vs. Auburn, 7:30 PM ABC
This is a marquee matchup against a ranked Auburn team that has put up 122 points in two games. Yes they were against cupcake opponents but you can’t ignore the potential firepower.

In Penn State’s favor is that they’ve already proved they can play defense against a good team. Will that hold up for another four quarters? At home in a whiteout game, I think they do.

Prediction: Penn State 26, Auburn 24.

NC State 10, Mississippi State 24
Well this is a familiar pattern. A hyped NCSU team lays an egg against a middling P5 opponent. Three turnovers and 32 yards rushing is no way to win a game. I didn’t see the game so I don’t quite know what to blame, but this is just all too common for the Wolfpack.

NC State vs. Furman
NCSU gets a chance to practice against an opponent who, despite being 2-0, should be no match for the Wolfpack. I mean, their mascot is the Paladins, for chrissakes.

Prediction: NCSU 45, Furman 3.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


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