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It's All In The Way You Swing It
Sunday, 2005 July 3 - 12:01 am
Today's activities: mostly related to golf.

My favorite way to spend Sunday morning is reading the newspaper over breakfast and coffee. It's usually the only day of the week that I eat breakfast at all. On weekdays, I spend my mornings trying to eke out a few more minutes of sleep before having to go to work. (I guess there's a price to pay for staying up until 2:00 a.m. blogging every night.)

Breakfast is usually two eggs, a few slices of bacon, and some toast. I like my eggs runny, with the yolk oozing all over the toast. I also like my bacon a little bit soft and fatty. (I know that I'm definitely in the minority here, so for those of you in the Pro-Crispy-Bacon camp, no need to send me nasty emails.)

As long-time readers may know, I don't use an automatic coffee maker to make coffee. I boil water in a teapot, and then I use a French press to make the coffee. (Does that make me un-American?) I love my cool-looking teapot, but I'm disappointed that it doesn't seem to whistle properly when the water boils. It kind of wheezes, like someone who can't whistle, trying to whistle. As an engineer, I'm tempted to go after it with a soldering iron and some duct tape to see if I can fix the problem. But I probably shouldn't.

I watched a little golf on TV today. (Tiger had a pretty good day at the Western Open, but he came up just a little short, finishing second behind Jim Furyk.) Afterwards I went out to the driving range. At this particular place ("Tee to Green" on U.S. 64), they use a rope to mark a line behind which you're supposed to hit. At one point, I got too close to the line, and my golf club caught the rope on the follow-through. That yanked the entire length of rope out of whack, all the way up and down the line, and EVERYONE turned to look at me. It was a real "Tin Cup" kind of moment.

I did discover something about hitting my short irons, though: I'm better off with less lower-body movement and a more compact swing. I learned this because I spent a fair amount of time watching an attractive woman who was also there. She happened to have the best golf swing of anyone out there, so I had a good excuse for staring at her. That was lucky! Anyway, I copied her swing, with amazingly improved results.

I have to remember, however, that "less lower-body movement and a more compact swing" does not apply to EVERY situation I might encounter... particularly when attractive women are involved.
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Posted by Ken in: lifesports


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