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Monday, 2006 September 11 - 9:19 am
A series of unfortunate events.

This weekend, by all rights, should have been a good one.

Friday was poker night. Saturday was an event at The Office (a local dance club) organized by Amy's friend Monty, with DJ Portia Surreal (warning: not safe for work). And there was football, and time left to get some projects done.

Well, poker sucked. Again. I played pretty well, but the hands that killed me? Wired tens lost to sevens when a seven came up on the flop. And wired jacks lost to fives when a five came up on the flop. What can you do. At least I won a little money back playing a side game after the tournament.

Saturday, Michigan won its football game. But N.C. State lost. To the Akron Zips. Any time you lose to a team called the Zips, there's gonna be a lot of grumbling.

In the evening, Amy proved she was the best wife ever by encouraging me to come with her to see DJ Portia Surreal, who's main shtick is that she's topless. She spins records topless for a few hours, and then does a little stage show with another girl. You know, there's strawberries and whipped cream and champagne involved. I have a picture of me and Amy and Portia, but I'll have to do some editing before I post it.

But the deal was, Amy and I were working the door and collecting money. Let me tell you, when you work the door of The Office, you really get to see the dregs of Raleigh society. I'm sorry, but after having to yell at dozens of idiots trying to sneak their way in without paying, I couldn't help but think: Sheesh, these losers can't even come up with $10 for an evening in a club. With a topless DJ. And it probably goes without saying that the worse the attire, the more likely they would try to get in without paying. Oh, and of course, it was always guys who were the cheapskate assholes. I don't think a single woman tried to sneak in.

Without a bouncer inside the door, it was tough for me and Amy to keep things under control. I can tell you, if I do something like this again, things will be a little different. The main thing: if someone says "they know the owner, Nick" and they should get in free, I'll tell them: pay me first, then if you find Nick and he okays the deal, I'll give you your money back. But no money, no entry, period.

I'll also have a baseball bat.

Sunday, I discovered that one of the hard drives on my main computer at home had crashed. If you power it up, it goes "click... whirr... click... whirr...". You might ask, "Did you have a backup?" Well, that was the backup. Back in May, I had a hard drive that was failing, so I put in this one. And now it's completely dead. Servo failure. I suppose I could spend $500 or so to send it to a data recovery place, but I don't think I will. The hard drive that was failing back in May, I still should be able to recover some data from that. My MacBook has most of my recent photos, as well as my blog archive. And some of my home email is on my computer at work. So I haven't lost everything. But I still feel a little sick about the whole affair, because I've lost a little bit of the record of my life.

Later that day, I was working on replacing a bulb in one of Amy's outdoor security lights. The cover for the light has a teeny little inset screw that holds it in place. So of course, I dropped the screw... even though I was telling myself, "Don't drop the screw... don't drop the screw...". I heard it bounce once of the top of a trash can, and then it was gone. I think it's in the grass. You know, it's hard to find a screw in grass when the screw is about an eighth of an inch long. Oh, and Lowe's doesn't carry a screw in that size, by the way. (I think it's a #4-48.) And the final kicker? After I'd replaced the bulb and put everything back (sans screw), I found that there's another bulb out that I have to replace.

What do you suppose the odds are that I'll drop the screw again?
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from Phil (Guest)
2006 Sep 12 - 12:02 am : #
Dang, that's a fun bunch of reading up there.

I so completely do not envy the job you did at The Office.

And I refuse to place odds on the screw, though I wouldn't scoff if you decided to lay out a bedspread before you started the next one.
Comment #2 from sweatpantsmom (Guest)
2006 Sep 13 - 10:36 pm : #
Wow - a bouncer at a club. Boy, are you brave.

Sounds like a rough weekend. Have you tried more alcohol?

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