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Las Vegas Pictures
Wednesday, 2007 November 7 - 8:52 pm
Photos? Photos! We got yer photos right here.

We stayed at the Golden Nugget, which is downtown on Fremont Street. We eschewed the Strip this year, looking to go old school for a change. The Golden Nugget is named for, well, a golden nugget. If gold could take a crap, it would look like this:

(The thing in the middle, not the Asian guy on the right.)

It was a pretty decent hotel. It had a pool with a water slide and a shark tank. It must have been rough on the sharks, having all those tasty little children swimming around them, so tantalizingly close. Here's Steve taunting one of the hungry sharks:

Along with a few regular rooms, we booked a suite with a wet bar, where we could hang out and drink on our own, without having to bother with finding tables and flagging down waitresses. This proved to be a great decision; it probably saved us each $100 on bar tabs. Since some of the guys did the liquor drinking before I arrived, I could, as Earl put it, "Hit the ground drinking." That became the slogan for the year.

Once again, the bartending class I took back in college came in handy.

Oh, and that's the jacket that Amy found for me, specifically to wear on this trip. I got plenty of comments about it (including some that mentioned sofas and drapes, but those were the minority).

Earl enjoyed the bar properly. Some folks didn't seem to have the correct priorities right away; we had to exhort them to quit calling their dang wives and start drinking.

John, for his part, grew an extra arm for more efficient liquor consumption.

And oh yes, the sunglasses. They were part of the theme this year, thanks to Javi.

And more sunglasses. Are we not men?

And here we all are, out on Fremont Street:

After this picture was taken, we went to eat at Stripsteak, and then we went to see "Spamalot". Full reviews still to come on those.

Sunday, we did some shopping, ate at Fatburger, shopped at Caesar's Palace, saw Cameron Diaz, and then dropped into a bar at New York New York to relax. As soon as we sat down, these two people started a dueling pianos show. So much for relaxing. I don't know if they called themselves anything, but we called them "Buzz Kill".

They actually weren't terrible; the girl in particular was pretty talented, and funny. But the guy lost me after he butchered Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation"... he kept singing "a little more conversation, a little more action please". Hrm.

Everyone left soon after this. Alan and I went to eat at the Irish pub, which was pretty decent. And then it was off to the airport for the grueling red-eye flight home. But I made it home safely, and now I have a year to get up the energy to do this all again.
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Posted by Ken in: lifetravel


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2007 Nov 8 - 12:14 pm : #
LOVE the shot of you all together in your sunglasses, like a Bono impersonator convention.
Comment #2 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Nov 8 - 12:53 pm : #
Buzz Kill is what I was going to name my next pet.

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