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Sex Sells
Sunday, 2005 February 13 - 5:12 pm
... and perhaps the word "sex" will make people read this article.

Over the next few months, I'll be moving this web site to a different host. I wish this dot mac account were enough, but it's getting to the point where I want my own database back-end and my own domain name.

So, I purchased a domain and a hosting account from With apologies to women everywhere, I can't deny that this decision was partly influenced by the big-boobed woman on the Super Bowl commercial:

To be fair, does have some of the best prices out there. So I wasn't just thinking with my Wee Waw. But I'm not sure I would ever have even heard of had it not been for this commercial and its jiggly boobs. While I feel bad about the objectification of women in general, I can't blame advertisers for using what works. It does go the other way sometimes, too: there are commercials featuring good-looking men, some of them half-naked, and I never hear women complaining about them.

There's another Super Bowl commercial that's raised some eyebrows... it's the one featuring this girl:

She inspired a blog fan-site to go up within hours of its airing: A lot of us are undecided whether this is (a) an innocent case of fandom, (b) a psychotic obsession, or (c) a carefully crafted marketing campaign by Pepsi. But whatever it is, people are noticing, and that wouldn't be happening if this girl wasn't a hottie.

So let's face it: sex sells. Or at least, it gets our attention. I'd like not to feel guilty about it. Please?
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Posted by Ken in: commentary


Comment #1 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Feb 13 - 4:40 pm : #
I should add: I still don't drink Pepsi.
Comment #2 from (Guest)
2005 Feb 13 - 9:10 pm : #
I don't drink Pepsi, either. I barely drink Coke, though, so I don't think that the Pepsi people are missing my business.

I also use GoDaddy for my domain name registration, and I've set up hosting service for a few people there over the past few years. It seems to work well.
Comment #3 from Marcie (Guest)
2005 Feb 14 - 8:10 am : #
At least you're thinking about it and not one of those idiots who blindly follows the wee waw.
Comment #4 from Chris Stout (Guest)
2005 Feb 14 - 9:33 am : #
Hi Ken,

I was trying to get in touch with Bob and I was in shock when his e-mail got bounced back. Did he switch jobs? What are you and Curtis up to? You'll have to relay the message to Curtis that I broke down and bought a Mac.
Comment #5 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Feb 14 - 7:44 pm : #
Chris, it figures you would comment here on the article featuring the boobs.

I'll send you an e-mail. :)

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