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This Is Your Brain On Nutrasweet
Wednesday, 2005 May 25 - 11:12 pm
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." - Albert Einstein

If you don't think it's important for kids to have a good foundation in science these days, consider this story. A couple of kids tried to make their own lightsabers so they could film a duel, and to accomplish this, they filled glass fluorescent tubes with fuel. And they exploded.*

It amazes me that most people just don't understand science. Actually, I take that back... it doesn't really amaze me. After all, most people also don't understand law, mathematics, politics, medicine, economics, grammar, history, or art. Why should science be any different?

This lack of understanding is why people are convinced they will die from cell phone radiation, from consuming too much aspartame, from being near high-tension power lines, or from a terrorist attack. "What, smoking? Eating Big Macs? Driving drunk? Nah, those things aren't hurting me. But that damn fluoridated water, THAT'S gonna be the death of me."

Mostly, I think people fear what they don't know. "You want to treat my food with what? Chemicals? Radiation? Won't I glow in the dark if I eat that stuff? I dunno, maybe I'm just an unfrozen caveman lawyer, but there's gotta be something illegal about that."

Come on, folks. Educate yourselves before believing what you hear from Oprah. "Freaky teens" are not society's worst ill. Social Security is not a savings plan. Dr. Phil is not really a doctor. AND DAMNIT, it's not "Haley's comet", it's Halley's comet, pronounced like "Halle Berry".

Like Schoolhouse Rocky says, knowledge is power. Right on, man.

*Speaking of explosions, by the way, I nearly crapped my pants when Arzt blew up on the "Lost" finale. I mean, I was pretty sure it was going to happen, but MAN. Oh, and the season finale of "Alias" had a pants-crapping moment also. They were both really good tonight.
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Posted by Ken in: commentaryscience


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 May 26 - 7:57 am : #
Mmm...Halle Berry....

Sorry, where was I? I'm not sure. I'm just a caveman. I don't understand your ways.

I literally fell over laughing when Artz blew up. My wife said I was sick.
Comment #2 from John C (Guest)
2005 May 26 - 10:14 am : #
You mean cell phone radiation is not killing me?
Comment #3 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 May 26 - 12:02 pm : #
I know all about science, I learned it from TV. Or maybe it was that 5 years of college studying chemistry.....

Last night during Lost I started telling my wife that the dynamite would be very dangerous to move. "Because it sweats nitroglycerine.". That fact has been in so many movies and TV shows. They then made that same statment. We're not sure if it is true in real life.
Comment #4 from Travis Tidmore (Guest)
2005 May 26 - 3:22 pm : #
I really thought Artz was gonna become a main character next season so I was pretty suprised, but after it happened I did turn to my mom and say "After they get back they're gonna have to wash the Artz out of their clothes." So I was wuite happy when Hurley said close to the same thing.

Also If your stupid enough to think that you could get away with putting fuel into a florescent light in the first place, you deserve to get burned.
Comment #5 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 May 26 - 3:35 pm : #
I decided a long time ago that there is a hole in my brain where math and science should be. I can remember vividly things that happened to me in elementary school, but long division? That spot is being taken up by things like the lyrics to the theme song from "Jem and the Holograms."

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