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College Football Recap
Saturday, 2006 September 23 - 11:45 pm
Michigan 27, Wisconsin 13. N.C. State 17, Boston College 15.

Michigan 27, Wisconsin 13.

This was a key game for Michigan. After an emotional win last week, playing a Big Ten opener against a good 3-0 Wisconsin team was potential trouble.

Early in the game, there was good news and bad news. The good news was that Michigan moved the ball pretty well. The bad news was that Michigan turned the ball over, and Wisconsin was able to take an early lead with a couple of good offensive plays.

But Michigan's defense eventually asserted itself, and the offense was able to make plays. Again, Mario Manningham was able to blow by cornerbacks, and the running game with Mike Hart was able to chew up yards on the ground.

Wisconsin ended up with only 12 net yards rushing. Not all of Michigan's stats looked great (3 turnovers, and 2-13 on 3rd down conversions?) but one stands out: 31:15 in time of possession, against a team that emphasizes possession time.

I'm starting to believe that Michigan is a very good team. That's great in most respects, but it also means that I now have to worry about the season. Before, Michigan would lose a game early in the season, and that kinda took the pressure off. Now, there's a real chance that Michigan could run the table and play for the national championship. Every week will be a nail-biter now.

Grades: Offense B, Defense A.

N.C. State 17, Boston College 15.

Wow. A touchdown with 8 seconds remaining in the game, and N.C. State pulls out a victory against a ranked team.


Was it the change in quarterback, with sophomore Daniel Evans stepping in for the struggling Marcus Stone? Was it a response to the heaps of criticism against Amato? Probably some of both. N.C. State didn't play a great game. But they did enough to win, getting 143 yards rushing, and putting together an impressive drive at the end of the game.

Grades: Offense, C+. Defense, B+.

Other News

Notre Dame makes a stunning comeback against Michigan State, and wins a shootout 40-37, after MSU turns the ball over several times in the fourth quarter.

Penn State makes it close against Ohio State for a while, but OSU pulls away in the fourth quarter and wins 28-6.

Georgia squeaks by winless Colorado 14-13.

Clemson crushes North Carolina 52-7. At one point, Clemson had more rushing touchdowns (7) than UNC had rushing yards (6).
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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from JohnC (Guest)
2006 Sep 25 - 8:13 pm : #
Oh my GOD you could hear the MSU choking all the way down here in Ann Arbor.

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