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College Football Recap
Sunday, 2006 December 3 - 11:48 am
Okay, NOW we've got a BCS mess.

USC 9, UCLA 13. The stunner of the day yesterday: USC, who was supposed to cruise into the national championship game against Ohio State, failed to take care of business against a UCLA team that was 6-5 and a heavy underdog. UCLA was outgained 329-235, but held USC to just 55 yards rushing. USC hurt themselves with nine penalties, and a costly turnover with 1:10 remaining the game.

USC still wins the Pac 10, having defeated Cal earlier in the year. USC will go to the Rose Bowl.

Florida 38, Arkansas 28. Florida staked its claim for the title game by defeating Arkansas in the SEC championship. Florida held Arkansas' vaunted rushing attack to 132 yards. On offense, Florida passed for 194 yards and rushed for 202, though 67 of those rushing yards came on a long touchdown run from freshman Percy Harvin.

I have to say, this is the first time I though Florida's offense played well, and they've definitely got a claim to play in the national championship. But you could still see holes in the Florida game: eight penalties for 67 yards, two turnovers, 2 of 11 on third-down conversions. At least they made all their kicks this time.

More on Florida's claim to a title shot in a minute.

West Virginia 41, Rutgers 39. West Virginia spoiled Rutgers' BCS dreams in a triple-overtime thriller. With Louisville winning their final game against Connecticut, Louisville will get the Big East's automatic BCS bid.

Oklahoma 21, Nebraska 7. Oklahoma wins the Big 12 championship and finishes the season 10-2. If anyone has a right to complain this year, it'd be Oklahoma. If they hadn't been victims of a horribly blown call against Oregon, they'd be 11-1 and they'd have their own claim to a shot at the title. As it is, they'll probably play Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Wake Forest 9, Georgia Tech 6. This game was a yawner... I mean, a "defensive battle". Wake Forest wins its first ACC title in 36 years, completing its Cinderella season. Wake Forest will play in the Orange Bowl, probably against Louisville.


BCS Scenarios. So it's down to Florida and Michigan. Let's look at the cases for both.

Non-Conference Schedule. Florida's non-conference opponents were a combined 20-28. Only Southern Miss had a winning record, going 8-5 in Conference USA. Michigan's non-conference opponents were 28-21, including #10 Notre Dame at 10-2, and Central Michigan at 9-4. Edge: Michigan.

In-Conference Schedule. Florida defeated three teams currently in the BCS top 25, including #5 LSU (10-2), #9 Arkansas (10-3), and #15 Tennessee (9-3). Michigan defeated #7 Wisconsin (11-1), but no other Big Ten opponents are ranked. Edge: Florida.

Worst Wins. Florida played poorly against Vanderbilt, allowing the Commodores to pass for 298 yards, and throwing three interceptions. They escaped with a 25-19 victory. Florida also struggled with a mediocre Florida State team in their rivalry game, winning 21-14. Michigan let Ball State rally in the fourth quarter, and narrowly avoided giving up a tying score late in the game. Edge: Michigan.

Loss. Michigan lost to #1 Ohio State, on the road, 42-39. Florida lost to #11 Auburn, on the road, 27-17. Edge: Michigan.

Other. Michigan's big knocks against them: they've already had their chance at Ohio State, and they didn't win their conference. Edge: Florida.

How do you decide? I don't know. I'll tell you this: if Florida goes to the championship, Michigan will accept its Rose Bowl bid with a minimum of fuss. If Michigan goes to the championship, Florida will howl and moan until our ears hurt. Does that mean Florida has a more legitimate shot, or that they're just more whiny? I still believe Michigan is the better team of the two. But the fact that they've already lost to Ohio State will weigh large in the minds of voters.

Here's how the BCS bowls should work out in either scenario:

Championship: Ohio State vs Michigan
Rose: USC vs LSU
Sugar: Florida vs Notre Dame
Orange: Wake Forest vs Louisville
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs Boise State

- or -

Championship: Ohio State vs Florida
Rose: USC vs Michigan
Sugar: LSU vs Notre Dame
Orange: Wake Forest vs Louisville
Fiesta: Oklahoma vs Boise State

The BCS selection show is at 8:00 PM on Fox tonight.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from julie (Guest)
2006 Dec 3 - 1:09 pm : #
I still want to see an OSU/UM rematch, but it would be awfully fun around here if the gators took the buckeyes on ...
Comment #2 from JohnC (Guest)
2006 Dec 3 - 9:13 pm : #
Yeah, I have had enough from Urban "Cryer". Difference between Urban and Lloyd (aside from the fact that only one of them could be pope?) CLASS.
Comment #3 from Steve (Guest)
2006 Dec 4 - 12:56 pm : #
The deciding factor for me? I'd rather see Michigan beat USC than lose to OSU twice in one year.

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