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Articles: sports: 2010 November

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Oh Well
Saturday, 2010 November 27 - 11:28 pm
That wasn't what we were hoping for at all. Of course I'm talking about the football results, with both Michigan and N.C. State losing today. I'm not sure which is worse: to lose badly as everyone expected to your arch-rival, or to fall just short of a furious comeback and blow your shot at the conference championship.

There's plenty of misery to go around. Iowa lost to Minnesota and ended up with the same 7-5 record as Michigan. Penn State likewise ended up 7-5 after losing to Michigan State. Florida ended up 7-5 after getting whomped by Florida State. Miami fired coach Randy Shannon after ending up 7-5. USC just lost to Notre Dame and both teams ended up 7-5. And then there's Texas, who lost to Texas A&M; at 5-7, they will not go to a bowl game.

The great thing about college football is that there's always next year. Ohio State will not always be dominant. Remember when we thought USC, Texas, and Alabama would be kings of football for years? Things change.

Michigan's future looks bright. I'm optimistic about next year. Hopefully the athletic department will be smart enough to give Rich Rodriguez a little more time.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

Michigan vs. Ohio State, 2010
Wednesday, 2010 November 24 - 9:22 pm
Well. It's Michigan-OSU week once again.

Last week, we saw Michigan's defense get pounded by Wisconsin's huge offensive line. Playing just three defensive linemen and three undersized linebackers against seven 300-pound blockers proved to be not such a good idea. Michigan's offense was turnover-prone, and Denard Robinson's accuracy has suffered lately, perhaps because of nagging injuries.

Meanwhile, Ohio State boasts home field advantage, more size and experience on both sides of the ball, and a coach who is 8-1 against Michigan. Ohio State is favored by 18 points.

Fans from both sides seem to be less interested in this game than usual. Ohio State has plenty to play for, as they need to win to gain a share of the Big Ten championship and perhaps go to a BCS bowl game. But it seems like most are assuming that an Ohio State win is just inevitable.

So, why bother to play, right?

But you know... this is college football. Funny things happen. Michigan has shown flashes of brilliance this year. And I don't think Ohio State is the best team in the league this year. Actually, I think they're the third best team. So while they're still clearly a better team than Michigan and I'm not going so far as predicting a Michigan win... I'm still hopeful. There's always a chance.

Here are three things Michigan must do to win:

1. Start quickly on offense. Both Michigan and Ohio State have had games where it's taken a quarter or two for the offense to find its rhythm. A couple of quick strikes by the Michigan offense means Michigan will be able to stay balanced and run its spread offense to its fullest potential. That will be troublesome for Ohio State; Michigan's not the top offense in the Big Ten for nothing. If Michigan falls behind early, though, they'll become more one-dimensional, and that will be a problem.

2. Play bigger on defense. Mike Martin will need to beat double teams; the other offensive linemen will need to shed blocks. And if Michigan sticks to its 3-3-5 and doesn't play four down linemen, then the linebackers will need to able to step up and take on offensive guards or tackles who are releasing downfield. The inability of the Michigan's front six to match up with Wisconsin's offensive line was the primary reason Wisconsin won.

3. Figure out how to play zone coverage. Michigan actually hasn't been awful in man-to-man coverage, but zone has been comically bad. Receivers have been ten yards open at times. It's not exactly something that can be fixed in a week's time, but hopefully it will be a point of emphasis in practice.

Here's to college football. Go blue.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Recap: Week 12
Sunday, 2010 November 21 - 12:29 pm
Michigan loses to Wisconsin; N.C. State rallies to beat UNC.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Saturday, 2010 November 20 - 8:18 pm
It's hard to be a Michigan football fan sometimes. It's bad enough having to watch the team lose. But the most tiring thing is explaining to people why we're losing. No one cares about how young the team is, how we've been riddled with injuries, how we're still recovering from coaching transitions... no, they just care about MOAR WINS KTHXBAI.

I find it's similarly hard to be a user of Apple products. I'm tired of defending Apple against people who say things like "Apple should cut all of its prices in half" or "Apple should let other PC makers license their OS", as if Apple had no interest in actually making profits. I'm tired of explaining how the iPhone is not doomed even if Android is enjoying some success.

And it's hard to be a Democrat. It is exhausting to refute Tea Party nonsense all the time. I'm astounded that I have to explain to people all the ways that Sarah Palin is wrong about things. And I think I no longer have the energy to tell people that global warming is a reality even if it was cold today.

But yet I am all of these things: Michigan fan, Apple user, Democrat. I am a Michigan fan even if they lose, because that's what it means to be a true fan. I use Apple products even when the company is being torn apart for overblown reports of iPhone antenna issues, because Apple simply makes better products. And I'm a Democrat even when Tea Party activists seem to be grabbing all the headlines, because there are principles that I believe in.

Michigan lost to Wisconsin today. Most people expected that outcome, but during the game, the Internets were full of comments along the lines of "OMG FIRE RICHROD NOW". But still, as a fan, I persevere.
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Posted by Ken in: politicssportstechwatch

College Football Recap: Week 11
Sunday, 2010 November 14 - 2:45 pm
Michigan wins an ugly one at Purdue; N.C. State rolls over Wake Forest.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Recap: Week 10
Tuesday, 2010 November 9 - 12:44 am
Michigan wins in epic fashion; N.C. State falls to Clemson but remains in the ACC title race.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Whoo Michigan Beats Illinois!
Saturday, 2010 November 6 - 4:48 pm
Ok, so Michigan just beat Illinois 67-65 in triple overtime. Tremendous. I'll try to have a full recap in a couple of days. Whoo!
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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Mini-recap: Week 9
Thursday, 2010 November 4 - 2:31 pm
Michigan loses in a disappointing game; N.C. State picks up an important win.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

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