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Today's Frozen Meal: Marie Callender's Creamy Chicken and Portobello Risotto
Tuesday, 2010 November 30 - 2:35 pm
"White Meat Chicken with Rice and Portobello Mushrooms in a Creamy Chardonnay Sauce."


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Posted by Ken in: food

Today's Frozen Meal: Marie Callender's Penne Chicken Piccata
Monday, 2010 November 29 - 2:14 pm
"Penne and White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce with White Meat Chicken, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese and Capers."


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Posted by Ken in: food

Handy (I Think)
Sunday, 2010 November 28 - 10:43 pm
When we were getting our flooring installed, the installers asked Amy if I was "handy"... meaning, was I capable of moving all the furniture out of the way and putting it back without their help. Amy said, "Well, he thinks he's handy."


Now, to be fair, she only said it so they would move all the furniture for us without charging us. But it's one of those statements that I'll never let her live down. And it always makes me want to prove myself by taking on household projects.

When lightning struck near our house this summer, it knocked out a number of things, like our cable modem and our dryer. Also our upstairs cable TV has been on the fritz; the signal has been weak and some channels haven't been coming in at all.

Now, the cable modem was simple: I just took it to the Time Warner office and they replaced it with a new one. But as far as the dryer and the cable TV, I knew that calling for repairs would require a time-consuming service call that would require me to sit at home all day... and would probably cost me a few hundred bucks for the pleasure.

So instead, I fixed the dryer by looking through the service manual (which was available online, but also turned out to be hidden behind the front panel of the dryer). I went through the tech's diagnostic procedures, and they indicated that a new logic board was needed. I ordered the part on the internet, took the dryer apart, and installed the new board. Bingo: the dryer works perfectly again.

And as far as the upstairs cable, I determined that the wiring through the house wasn't up to par. It was the inferior RG-59 coax, not the RG-6 coax needed for digital cable. There was absolutely no way I was going to replace all the existing wiring: it ran up through an exterior wall, through the attic, and back down into our bedroom. So I ran a new cable through the floor, through a first floor closet, up through the first floor ceiling and through the floor just outside our bedroom. And hey, now all the channels are working again.

These are the kinds of things that make me feel like I've proven my worth as a husband. Now I'm sure there are plenty of independent women that are capable of doing these kinds of things, but look: we men like to feel useful by doing these kinds of things. I mean, what good are we if we don't do stuff like this?

It makes us think we're handy, anyway.
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Posted by Ken in: life

Oh Well
Saturday, 2010 November 27 - 11:28 pm
That wasn't what we were hoping for at all. Of course I'm talking about the football results, with both Michigan and N.C. State losing today. I'm not sure which is worse: to lose badly as everyone expected to your arch-rival, or to fall just short of a furious comeback and blow your shot at the conference championship.

There's plenty of misery to go around. Iowa lost to Minnesota and ended up with the same 7-5 record as Michigan. Penn State likewise ended up 7-5 after losing to Michigan State. Florida ended up 7-5 after getting whomped by Florida State. Miami fired coach Randy Shannon after ending up 7-5. USC just lost to Notre Dame and both teams ended up 7-5. And then there's Texas, who lost to Texas A&M; at 5-7, they will not go to a bowl game.

The great thing about college football is that there's always next year. Ohio State will not always be dominant. Remember when we thought USC, Texas, and Alabama would be kings of football for years? Things change.

Michigan's future looks bright. I'm optimistic about next year. Hopefully the athletic department will be smart enough to give Rich Rodriguez a little more time.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

Friday, 2010 November 26 - 11:58 pm
Sigh. I have nothing meaningful to write about today. And I was going to post a picture of otters but FTP upload isn't working. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow.

Edit: FTP upload now working! Enjoy the otters.

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Posted by Ken in: life

Gobble Gobble
Thursday, 2010 November 25 - 10:26 pm
Happy Thanksgiving day, also known as "Celebration of American Gluttony". We had Thanksgiving with friends today, and by my calculations, we had enough food to feed everyone six times over. I mean, we had over forty pounds of meat among fifteen people. That is insanity. Also I made two quarts of gravy.

It kind of makes me feel bad that I drove by two homeless guys by the freeway without tossing them a turkey drumstick.

For my many similarly-stuffed American friends... let's be thankful today that we can afford to eat so luxuriously. We live in a country where food is plentiful, and our biggest worry tomorrow is how to find the best parking spot as we shop for our third video game console and fourth television set. We are surrounded by people whom we love and who make us laugh. These are wonderful times.
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Posted by Ken in: life

November 23 Frozen Meal: Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake
Wednesday, 2010 November 24 - 9:41 pm
"Yellow Squash, Eggplant, Red Onion & Sweet Potato; Kashi 7 Whole Grain Noodles; Zesty Basil Tomato Sauce."


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Posted by Ken in: food

Michigan vs. Ohio State, 2010
Wednesday, 2010 November 24 - 9:22 pm
Well. It's Michigan-OSU week once again.

Last week, we saw Michigan's defense get pounded by Wisconsin's huge offensive line. Playing just three defensive linemen and three undersized linebackers against seven 300-pound blockers proved to be not such a good idea. Michigan's offense was turnover-prone, and Denard Robinson's accuracy has suffered lately, perhaps because of nagging injuries.

Meanwhile, Ohio State boasts home field advantage, more size and experience on both sides of the ball, and a coach who is 8-1 against Michigan. Ohio State is favored by 18 points.

Fans from both sides seem to be less interested in this game than usual. Ohio State has plenty to play for, as they need to win to gain a share of the Big Ten championship and perhaps go to a BCS bowl game. But it seems like most are assuming that an Ohio State win is just inevitable.

So, why bother to play, right?

But you know... this is college football. Funny things happen. Michigan has shown flashes of brilliance this year. And I don't think Ohio State is the best team in the league this year. Actually, I think they're the third best team. So while they're still clearly a better team than Michigan and I'm not going so far as predicting a Michigan win... I'm still hopeful. There's always a chance.

Here are three things Michigan must do to win:

1. Start quickly on offense. Both Michigan and Ohio State have had games where it's taken a quarter or two for the offense to find its rhythm. A couple of quick strikes by the Michigan offense means Michigan will be able to stay balanced and run its spread offense to its fullest potential. That will be troublesome for Ohio State; Michigan's not the top offense in the Big Ten for nothing. If Michigan falls behind early, though, they'll become more one-dimensional, and that will be a problem.

2. Play bigger on defense. Mike Martin will need to beat double teams; the other offensive linemen will need to shed blocks. And if Michigan sticks to its 3-3-5 and doesn't play four down linemen, then the linebackers will need to able to step up and take on offensive guards or tackles who are releasing downfield. The inability of the Michigan's front six to match up with Wisconsin's offensive line was the primary reason Wisconsin won.

3. Figure out how to play zone coverage. Michigan actually hasn't been awful in man-to-man coverage, but zone has been comically bad. Receivers have been ten yards open at times. It's not exactly something that can be fixed in a week's time, but hopefully it will be a point of emphasis in practice.

Here's to college football. Go blue.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

November 22 Frozen Meal: Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro
Tuesday, 2010 November 23 - 11:43 am
"Grilled Chicken Breast with Red Peppers, Yellow Summer Squash & Zucchini; Kashi 7 Whole Grain Penne Pasta; Tomato Garlic & Basil Sauce".


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Posted by Ken in: food

November 2 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan
Tuesday, 2010 November 23 - 11:37 am
Chicken Tuscan? Don't they mean Tuscan Chicken? or Chicken Tuscany? "Chicken tenderloins and linguine in a sun dried tomato sauce, served with broccoli and carrots."


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Posted by Ken in: food

November 1 Frozen Meal: Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer
Tuesday, 2010 November 23 - 11:21 am
"Curried peas & cheese with rice & chana masala; made with organic rice, tomatoes & peas."


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 22 Frozen Meal: Healthy Choice Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes
Monday, 2010 November 22 - 3:31 pm
"Chicken tenderloins with sweet potatoes, yellow carrots & pearl onions in rosemary garlic sauce."


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 20 Frozen Meal: Healthy Choice Sesame Glazed Chicken
Monday, 2010 November 22 - 3:02 pm
"Chicken tenderloins with whole grain rice, sugar snap peas, red peppers in sweet sesame glaze."


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 19 Frozen Meal: Healthy Choice Creamy Basil Pesto
Monday, 2010 November 22 - 2:57 pm
"9 grain cavatappi pasta, broccoli and tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese."


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Posted by Ken in: food

College Football Recap: Week 12
Sunday, 2010 November 21 - 12:29 pm
Michigan loses to Wisconsin; N.C. State rallies to beat UNC.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Saturday, 2010 November 20 - 8:18 pm
It's hard to be a Michigan football fan sometimes. It's bad enough having to watch the team lose. But the most tiring thing is explaining to people why we're losing. No one cares about how young the team is, how we've been riddled with injuries, how we're still recovering from coaching transitions... no, they just care about MOAR WINS KTHXBAI.

I find it's similarly hard to be a user of Apple products. I'm tired of defending Apple against people who say things like "Apple should cut all of its prices in half" or "Apple should let other PC makers license their OS", as if Apple had no interest in actually making profits. I'm tired of explaining how the iPhone is not doomed even if Android is enjoying some success.

And it's hard to be a Democrat. It is exhausting to refute Tea Party nonsense all the time. I'm astounded that I have to explain to people all the ways that Sarah Palin is wrong about things. And I think I no longer have the energy to tell people that global warming is a reality even if it was cold today.

But yet I am all of these things: Michigan fan, Apple user, Democrat. I am a Michigan fan even if they lose, because that's what it means to be a true fan. I use Apple products even when the company is being torn apart for overblown reports of iPhone antenna issues, because Apple simply makes better products. And I'm a Democrat even when Tea Party activists seem to be grabbing all the headlines, because there are principles that I believe in.

Michigan lost to Wisconsin today. Most people expected that outcome, but during the game, the Internets were full of comments along the lines of "OMG FIRE RICHROD NOW". But still, as a fan, I persevere.
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Posted by Ken in: politicssportstechwatch

Punk Ass
Friday, 2010 November 19 - 11:44 pm
I went curling this evening. (All my readers know that I'm in a curling league, right?)

We curl at a hockey rink. Immediately before our ice time, there's usually a youth hockey league that plays... a bunch of 13-year-olds, from what I can tell. Once they finish, the Zamboni runs over the ice, and then people from our club bring out the curling rocks and prepare the ice surface. As I arrived and sat on the bleachers to change my shoes, the ice preparation was going on and the hockey players were departing the locker room.

One of those 13-year-olds yelled over the glass to the people preparing the ice. He yelled, "Women's sport!" with a sneer, as if that were a put-down, and as if that were any more true for curling than it was for hockey.

And then he yelled it again.

Maybe he didn't notice that I was there with a curling broom in my hand. Or maybe he didn't care. But our eyes met as he gleefully repeated his brilliant slur. Four options entered my mind:

(a) I could explain to him that curling was certainly not a women's-only sport, and also that there were plenty of women who played hockey;

(b) I could tell him that it was cowardly and hateful to display a false sense of braggadocio towards something he clearly did not understand, when seemingly protected by a wall of anonymity (and glass);

(c) I could tell him that curling was a game of athleticism and finesse, and were he to try it, he would understand that;

(d) I could call him a punk-ass.

I looked him square in the eye and chose option (d).

Was that the right thing to do? Probably not. But frankly, I have had it with rudeness. I cannot abide the fact that some people think it's okay to do whatever they want, despite who may be hurt by their actions, without any consequences. I cannot stand the fact that some people find it necessary to put other people down to elevate their own status. And on top of it all, I hate when kids pick up these habits, kids who have absolutely no standing in proper society but display a sense of entitlement as if they were kings of the world.

The kid seemed genuinely taken aback. First he asked me, "Are you talking to me?" He didn't say it in a confrontational Robert Deniro-esque manner; I think he couldn't believe that an adult would actually address him that way. I said, "Yes."

Then he asked me, "What did you say?" Again, he seemed to just be asking for clarification. So I said, slowly, "Punk. Ass." And he was dumbfounded.

I glared at him for a moment, finished putting on my shoes, and walked away. As I was just getting out of earshot, I heard him say to his friend sulkily, "That's not even a real word." That made me regret my phrasing to some degree. I should have gone with "little shit", which would have perhaps been within a modern-day 13-year-old's vocabulary.

I am both sorry and glad for what I did. Mostly glad. Maybe, just maybe, when that kid gets the urge to yell something idiotic in the future, he'll look around first for a weird-looking Asian guy wielding a curling broom, and think better of it.
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Posted by Ken in: life

Thursday, 2010 November 18 - 11:40 pm
Question of the day: is $10 cheddar cheese actually five times better than $2 cheddar cheese? I mean, I like cheese, and I like good cheese, but when it comes to cheddar... well, I'm not sure I could distinguish the $10 cheddar in a blind taste test.

I was debating this question today when buying ingredients for the company Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow. The store brand was $2 a pound. The specialty brand was $10 a pound. The store proprietors surely would have frowned upon me taking a sample taste.

I'm mixing this cheese with two other cheeses, along with butter and shiitake mushrooms and onion and bacon. I'm thinking, my co-workers will not notice the extra $8 of cheese quality. And when some of them are bringing a $3 store-brand pumpkin pie, or $2 worth of bag salad... well, perhaps they won't have reason to complain.

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Posted by Ken in: foodlife

Only Burger Comes to Raleigh
Wednesday, 2010 November 17 - 11:49 pm
Only Burger, an offshoot of Durham Catering Company, has a pretty straightforward concept: they serve burgers, and only burgers (er, and fries and drinks), from a food truck. There's also a brick-and-mortar location in Durham.

Only Burger Van

As you can see from this line, word got out when the truck came to Raleigh:

Only Burger Line

And that picture doesn't even show the SUV packed with nine people who drove to eat from the lunch truck.

Here's their top-of-the-line burger, the double with cheese and bacon. With fries and a drink, it's a fairly pricey $11.00.

Only Burger Meal

The burger is, on the whole, excellent, with a nicely crusty surface and a juicy interior. I'd recommend the single over the double, though, as there aren't enough condiments to flavor the double all the way through. And the cheese and bacon aren't a necessity either. Going with a plain single $4.25 over the full-blown double with cheese and bacon.

The fries are hand-cut, fresh, and flavorful, but a little bit soggy. They could stand a treatment of blanching in vinegar-water before frying.

All in all... a nice addition to the Raleigh lunch scene. Let me know if you want to meet me on Wednesdays for lunch!
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Posted by Ken in: food

Today's TSA Atrocity
Tuesday, 2010 November 16 - 11:04 pm
So the latest bit of wonderful news from your local friendly TSA: they will now grope your screaming three-year-old toddler!

Unfortunately for the TSA, this particular three-year-old was the daughter of a newscaster... who caught the incident on video, and put it on the local news. Yeah, that's not going to be good publicity for the TSA.

And by the way, for those of you on the east coast... you can now take a bus from Durham to Washington D.C. for ONE DOLLAR (if you book in advance). It's called the Megabus and it goes from D.C. to various east coast cities, including Pittsburgh, New York, and Boston. It's a double-decker bus with Wi-Fi. And if the one dollar fare isn't enough to sell you on this... there's also NO GROPING by power-hungry TSA goons. I'm trying to see if there's a catch... so far, I haven't discovered one.
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Posted by Ken in: commentarytravel

Apple Announcement Tomorrow
Monday, 2010 November 15 - 11:14 pm
Apple put a teaser on its home page today; apparently there'll be a big announcement tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST. Apple promises it'll be a day "that you'll never forget."

Speculation is rampant. The consensus prediction is that the Beatles catalog will finally be available on iTunes. Other predictions from the media:
  • You'll be able to store your iTunes library in the cloud (using Apple's giant new data center in North Carolina)
  • iTunes will be integrated with Facebook
  • iTunes will allow 90-second previews
My personal hope is that Apple will announce content deals with all the major broadcast and cable networks for AppleTV content, such that we can all finally ditch our cable subscriptions. Or, that Apple will announce its own cellular network so we can ditch AT&T. Neither of those is likely to come true, but one can hope. Apple also has a huge hoard of cash, so a major acquisition is a possibility... but mergers are hard to keep secret, what with board negotiations and SEC reporting regulations and all.

The Beatles announcement seems the most probable; the other possibilities don't seem worthy of the hype. We'll see in twelve hours.
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Posted by Ken in: techwatch

College Football Recap: Week 11
Sunday, 2010 November 14 - 2:45 pm
Michigan wins an ugly one at Purdue; N.C. State rolls over Wake Forest.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Vegas 2010
Saturday, 2010 November 13 - 11:55 am
These are the guys I would trust with my life.

And here we are at Del Frisco's.

I look forward to our annual Las Vegas trip every year. It's not the food or the gambling or the shows, though all those things are great. The main thing is the common bond that we share: we all spent our painful adolescent years together, and because of that, we have no shame in front of each other. We've already seen all of each others' insecurities and foibles; there is no pretense. These guys are the closest thing to brothers I have.

See you all next year.
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Posted by Ken in: life

Invasion of the Body Scanners
Friday, 2010 November 12 - 11:20 pm
So have you experienced the body scanning machine at the airports yet? I've been through them a few times... and if you hadn't heard or read about these machines, you might find them to be pretty innocuous. You stand there with your hands up, the machine waves around you, and then you're cleared to go through. Simple and painless, right?

But of course, being the well-informed netizen that you are, you know that these things are pretty much the 21st century version of the X-Ray Goggles from the comic books... the person viewing the image can see your hoo-ha or wee-waw in all its glory. It's essentially a digital strip search.

How have we come to this? How have we become so terrified of terrorists that we're willing to subject ourselves to such indignities? Doesn't this mean that the terrorists have won?

Some are now calling for a mass protest on November 24th; everyone is supposed to opt-out of the body scan and choose the manual pat-down instead. (There's an interesting story about a guy who decided to do that.) Oh, by the way, November 24th is the day before Thanksgiving... the busiest travel day of the year. If people are really going through with this, I'd be tempted to just sit at the airport to watch the carnage.

For those of you who are inclined for to be a little more subtle in your subversion, consider putting some large metallic alphabet stickers on your body, and send a personalized message to the TSA guy. Perhaps something like "ENJOY THE SHOW, PERV."
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Posted by Ken in: commentary

October 18 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta
Thursday, 2010 November 11 - 7:10 pm
"In a creamy seafood sauce." Yes, seafood sauce. Whale? Plankton? Who knows.


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Posted by Ken in: food

Haaaay It's Wednesday
Wednesday, 2010 November 10 - 11:59 pm
We had dinner at Jibarra tonight, a hip Mexican restaurant downtown. For those of you who aren't from the Raleigh area, Jibarra is one of those places to which you can confidently bring your out-of-town friends for a tasty and interesting meal. I find it interesting that in a lot of small towns in this country, you'd have to take your VIP guests to a chain restaurant. When the Olive Garden is your best option, you know the local independent restaurants are doing something wrong.

I'm increasingly pleased at the restaurants in the Raleigh area. There's even a great German restaurant here now (J. Betski). I remember when I moved here, there wasn't a German restaurant of any kind for 150 miles. Progress!
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Posted by Ken in: food

Fired For Facebooking
Tuesday, 2010 November 9 - 10:21 pm
So, apparently getting fired for blogging about your job is sooo 2002. A Connecticut woman was recently fired for complaining about boss on her Facebook wall.

The odd and/or annoying thing is that we're rehashing the same arguments about teh Internets and privacy and free speech that we did eight years ago. Today on NPR there was an older guy who said posting on Facebook was just like publishing in a newspaper (whatever that is), and a young-ish woman who said you can make your Facebook private, JUST LIKE MY VAG. Okay, she didn't say that, but she could have, because none of her friends are old enough to listen to the radio.

In another eight years, we will all have our own Internet TV shows (in 3D) that nobody watches, except when we use them to complain about work. When that happens, you'll have to figure out the obscure privacy settings that hide your rants, or the weird video you made lip-syncing to Lady Gaga. Except that no one will know who Lady Gaga is any more, so it won't matter.

The National Labor Relations Board is suing on behalf of the woman. Stay tuned to my blog for more news on this. Except that I'm a blogger, and I'll forget to post any updates, and you can just Google "woman Facebook firing" just like everyone else.

(This is National Blog Posting Month. How's THAT for some old-school blogging? Suck it, Facebook.)
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Posted by Ken in: bloggerscommentaryfunnyhaha

College Football Recap: Week 10
Tuesday, 2010 November 9 - 12:44 am
Michigan wins in epic fashion; N.C. State falls to Clemson but remains in the ACC title race.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Pellet Mills? Really?
Monday, 2010 November 8 - 10:39 pm
So I spent today cleaning up some comment spam for "pellet mills". Really? I mean, I can understand the desire for trying to drive search engine traffic for your replica handbags and your Vytorin, but are there really that many people who are searching on the Internet for ways to make tiny pellets for their wood-burning stoves? Huh. Techmomogy is weird.

Now, I wonder how many Google searches will lead to this post? I'd better close comments on it right away.
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Posted by Ken in: site-businesstechwatch

Sunday, 2010 November 7 - 1:51 pm
Last day in Vegas. Lost $200 the last day but I have plenty of fun memories. Now to try to survive the plane ride home...
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Posted by Ken in: life

Whoo Michigan Beats Illinois!
Saturday, 2010 November 6 - 4:48 pm
Ok, so Michigan just beat Illinois 67-65 in triple overtime. Tremendous. I'll try to have a full recap in a couple of days. Whoo!
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Posted by Ken in: sports

Las Vegas
Friday, 2010 November 5 - 1:01 pm
I'm in Las Vegas this weekend so posting will be terse. It's kind of nice to spend a few days not thinking about work, politics, and frozen lunches. On tap for tonight: dinner at Del Frisco's. Yum.
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Posted by Ken in: life

College Football Mini-recap: Week 9
Thursday, 2010 November 4 - 2:31 pm
Michigan loses in a disappointing game; N.C. State picks up an important win.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

The Tea Party Paradox
Wednesday, 2010 November 3 - 11:37 am
Well, I'm sure most of you have heard the election news by now... the Republicans take the House, Democrats retain the Senate; Rand Paul wins but Christine O'Donnell loses. In my home district, Renee Ellmers defeated incumbent Bob Etheridge running on an embarrassing anti-Muslim campaign. So yeah, that all happened and we're going to have to live with it.

Something's been bothering me lately about the Tea Party candidates, and I've finally put my finger on it. I call it the Tea Party Paradox. Here's the flowchart; click on the image below for a larger version.

Tea Party Paradox

Here's the crux of it, highlighted by the blue box: if lowering taxes is part of the solution to lowering the budget deficit, then why are we worried that higher deficits will lead to higher taxes? That logic just doesn't add up.

The good news is, having Republicans in the House has probably increased Barack Obama's chances of being re-elected in 2012. For the past two years, there's been no one to blame for everything except the Democrats, and so it's no surprise that they got clobbered yesterday. Over the next two years, Republicans will actually have to create policy and not just politics, and I'm betting it won't be pretty.
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Posted by Ken in: politics

October 14 Frozen Meal: Marie Callender's Rigatoni Marinara Classico
Tuesday, 2010 November 2 - 1:23 pm
"Rigatoni in a Slow-Simmered Marinara Sauce with Meatballs and Italian Sausage." Meatballs and sausage; they're not messing around here.


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 13 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Rosemary Chicken
Tuesday, 2010 November 2 - 1:22 pm
"Roasted chicken tenderloins in a lemon-rosemary sauce with carrots, spinach and whole wheat pilaf."


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Posted by Ken in: food

Tuesday, 2010 November 2 - 11:44 am
It's mid-term election day, and the Democrats are widely expected to get clobbered. I'm in a heavily Republican district, and the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina has been looking pretty lopsided... but still, I vote because I care. My one vote might not make much of a difference, but it counts just as much as any other. That's the wonderful thing about the election process.

For voters who are still on the fence, struggling to get through these tough economic times and feeling angry at politicians: please try to remember who got us into this situation.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

October 12 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Orange Chicken
Monday, 2010 November 1 - 1:49 pm
"In a sweet & spicy asian-style sauce with rice, roasted almonds and edamame." (Note: not actually edamame.)


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 11 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Glazed Turkey Tenderloins
Monday, 2010 November 1 - 1:28 pm
"With whipped sweet potatoes and dressing."


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Posted by Ken in: food

October 8 Frozen Meal: Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken
Monday, 2010 November 1 - 1:20 pm
"White meat chicken with savory stuffing and creamy red-skinned mashed potatoes."


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Posted by Ken in: food

NaBloPoMo 2010
Monday, 2010 November 1 - 1:14 pm
Going to try it again.

NaBloPoMo Participant 2010
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Posted by Ken in: bloggers

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