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Blog Note: About Me... and You
Thursday, 2005 February 17 - 11:34 pm
I've updated my "About" page, for those of you who might be curious.

This is primarily in honor of Kate, who likes reading people's "About" pages. (If you haven't checked out Self Taught Girl yet, you MUST DO SO. It's brilliant.)

I've just put up some stuff about myself on my own About page, which until now was admittedly pretty darn boring. A long time ago, my web site used to have all kinds of personal information about me, including lots of pictures, lists of my friends and their e-mail addresses, my curriculum vitae... this was all in the days before spammers and phishers and other Internet bad guys. Once the Internet became dirty, I took all that down.

Now, though, with all the blogging going on, I feel like we're taking back the Internet. There's a sense of community and mutual understanding among bloggers, just like in the early days when everyone was first putting up their rinky-dink home pages. It's a real revolution, folks: in my opinion, this is the biggest thing to happen to the Internet since e-mail. The reason e-mail was so big was that it helped people connect with each other; now blogging is doing the same thing in a different way.

A few years ago I remember reading about people who would put up on-line diaries, and I remember thinking what a freakish display of exhibitionism that was. Back then I thought people would just write about their love lives and their secret sexual fantasies and those kinds of things; it didn't occur to me that people would be so creative and interesting and downright funny.

I constantly encourage people to write their own blogs. Some people worry that they won't have anything interesting to say, or that they'd be too busy to keep it up. I disagree. Writing a blog is like writing an e-mail to yourself and your friends. It's easy. You don't have to be profound all the time; you don't even have to spell-check if you don't want. It's your blog, so do what you want with it. I remember a lot of people resisted using e-mail, fifteen years ago. Now no one can live without it.

So all of you lurkers: go blog. Blogger and LiveJournal make it so easy. Then come back and tell me about it.

Long live the revolution.

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Posted by Ken in: techwatch


Comment #1 from Lisa (Guest)
2005 Feb 18 - 7:16 pm : #
I love Matt Foley and Celebrity Jeopardy!! We still watch Saturday Night Live even though more times than not it falls flat. Plus, what else do we have to do on a Saturday Night.

I also love Garp, (even the movie) and A Prayer for Owen Meany (not the movie though).

I read the L'Engle books to my kids over a couple of summers during long car trips. A Wrinkle in Time was my favortie book in 5th grade. There are actually like 7 books in the series now. The later ones however were weaker.

Also agree with your movie choices, add Lost In Translation and Metropolitan.
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Feb 19 - 1:48 am : #
I saw Garp the movie and liked it, and then read Garp the book and was blown away. The book has so many more layers than the movie.

There are more Wrinkle in Time books? Wow, I had no idea. I dunno, I might be disillusioned now; I thought the trilogy was so perfect. But I might have to read them just to complete myself.

I did really like Lost in Translation also (I have a review of it on this site). I never saw Metropolitan.
Comment #3 from minty (Guest)
2005 Feb 19 - 9:20 am : #
I am one of the teeming hordes who found your site through Suburban Bliss. I like reading people's "about" pages, too, and I like your comments here about the community aspect of blogging. I can say for sure that blogging has changed my life and enlarged my social circle in both the "real" and the online worlds. I encourage others to blog all the time too. Blog on, blogger!
Comment #4 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Feb 19 - 10:37 am : #
Minty, I've just read your ENTIRE blog trying to decode all your anonymizing (and yes, I hate verbing nouns too). Good stuff. :)
Comment #5 from minty (Guest)
2005 Feb 19 - 7:49 pm : #
(blushing) Aw, thanks!

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