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The Porno Revolution
Thursday, 2005 February 17 - 11:55 pm
It's so easy to get porn nowadays. I think we should look back and remember the sacrifices of our forefathers.

Porn is everywhere.

I have a theory that porn will be the driving force behind many of our future technological breakthroughs. After all, the VCR and the Internet were just curiosities until porn injected the industries with billions of dollars in revenue. So when we invent realistic holography, we will use it to watch porn. When we develop artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, we will make sex robots. When we develop teleportation, we will teleport hookers.

Looking back, I can't imagine what porn must have been like before technology took hold. I mean, it was only a century ago that we even had photography. So before that, people had to look at drawings of naked people, or they had to just read descriptions of naked people in dirty books. Then they would just use their imaginations. How tedious!

And what about the days before the printing press was invented (in China in the 800s or so)? People were hand-writing their porn stories with feather quills, on parchment. There would be months of labor involved for just ONE girl-on-girl story. I'm sure lonely bachelors were ready to explode waiting for the next pornos to arrive.

Going back even further, people were probably handing down porn from generation to generation by telling stories OUT LOUD. I think the big problem back then was getting a little time to yourself to enjoy your porn. It's difficult to pleasure yourself when Grandpa is the one sitting in front of you, telling you about the double-penetration.

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Posted by Ken in: funnyhaha


Comment #1 from Timothy Ross (Guest)
2005 Feb 18 - 5:06 pm : #
Do you remember in the second "Back to the Future" movie, when McFly is in the future in that 80's retro diner. He is showing off playing a video game where you fire a gun at the screen.

The 2 kids watching say; "You mean you have to use your hands! That's like a Baby's toy!"
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Feb 19 - 1:44 am : #
"You have to use your hands." A fitting analogy indeed. But please don't call it a baby's toy.

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