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MacBook Air
Sunday, 2008 March 16 - 11:55 am
macbook air in boxFor my birthday, Amy got me a MacBook Air.

Now, this isn't something I would have bought for myself. It's not that I didn't want it... it's just such a luxury item, I would have felt bad getting it for myself. So in that respect, it's a perfect present: something I really want but wouldn't buy for myself.

Amy was worried that I didn't like it, since it's taken me so long to blog about it. Nothing could be further from the truth... I love love love my new baby. Meet the new addition to the family, "Liesel".

Here are a few unboxing photos:

macbook air open boxBox first opened.

macbook air designed by appleDesigned by Apple. As if we didn't know.

The thinness is really something that must be seen to be believed. Even the most jaded anti-Mac people I know have said "wow" upon picking up the MacBook Air for the first time. And there's a tremendous difference between a three-pound computer and a six-pound computer, especially if you're picking it up with one hand.

macbook air floating

I've got it here next to a DVD case (well, actually, a Wii game case... it's the same size, but it's white, so it shows up better in a photo). Behold the thinnitude.

macbook air thinness comparison

And if the thinness weren't enough to make it sexy, it's also got the backlit keyboard, and the brilliant LED-backlit screen. And since Amy went whole-hog and got me the top end model with the solid state drive, it's also virtually silent. The combination of features makes this an ideal computer to use in bed, when Amy is asleep next to me.

macbook air lights up

It's more than speedy enough for everday use. So far I haven't even noticed the lack of an optical drive or an ethernet port; all the touted wireless features have worked perfectly for me. I might, at some point, find myself wishing that the machine had a Firewire port, but that's mostly because I have a wealth of Firewire external hard drive enclosures sitting around (and only one for USB).

All in all... I love her.

Of course, not all members of the family are entirely pleased with the progress of technology...

macbook air lolcat

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Posted by Ken in: techwatch


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2008 Mar 19 - 11:29 am : #
I think you have put that poor animal through enough emotional distress for several lifetimes. ;)
Comment #2 from baketown (baketown)
2008 Mar 24 - 2:57 pm : #
My brother's dog is named Liesel. Your baby is a beauty!
Comment #3 from Phil (marsosudiro)
2008 Mar 27 - 8:57 pm : #
Did Amy also get you an interoffice envelope? :-)

See here for an article about Lenovo's thin-machine exec going into a panic when he heard about Apple's trick.

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