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The LOST Finale
Tuesday, 2010 May 25 - 10:22 am
If you haven't watched it yet, don't click through... there are spoilers within.

So, first, let me say that LOST was perhaps one of the finest television shows ever produced. The acting and writing were consistently superb, and it was a brilliant character-driven drama. The final episode was emotional and gripping.

That said, I have some complaints about how the story was wrapped up. Maybe there are just some things I missed while watching the show. But it sure seems like they left a lot of things unanswered.


(1) So, what the heck was the island? Are we supposed to know that? Was it the source of all goodness in the world? An electromagnetic portal to the afterlife? The fountain of youth? Or as my friend Ed put it: a hot tub time machine? What exactly would have happened if the Man in Black got off the island?

(2) So, the entire sideways-universe was a purgatory-like afterlife, where our beloved main characters were supposed to find some kind of redemption before moving on to heaven? What happens in this universe: do you live your life over again from the beginning? Where was "mirror-puncher" Sawyer's redemption? Or "on my way to prison" Kate and Sayid? What do the rest of the people in this afterlife (like, the other cops that work with Miles and Sawyer) think when a bunch of people mysteriously disappear?

(3) What was Desmond supposed to be? An angel? The grim reaper? Is resistance to electromagnetism what makes him the only human in existence who can travel to purgatory and return?

(4) So, the only result of the nuclear bomb was to send the Oceanic guys from 1977 to 2007? The bomb didn't actually explode? The image at the start of the season of the island underwater: that was just a red herring?

(5) What was Widmore's motivation? Did he believe it was his job to destroy the Man in Black? Why wouldn't he try to coordinate with the Candidates instead of seemingly working against them?

(6) WALT!

I will say that ambiguity and mystery is part of what made this show fun. But I'd been looking forward to re-watching the show to piece together all the mysteries with the ultimate answers. Now that I know there aren't ultimate answers, it's much less likely that I'll watch it all again.

UPDATE: There's more!

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Posted by Ken in: television


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