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Rip, Mix, Burn
Wednesday, 2010 December 29 - 2:22 pm
Back in 2001, I bought the original iPod, with 5GB of storage and the monochrome display and the mechanical wheel. It was a marvel of engineering at the time. I even took it running with me, though it was a bit bulky and heavy; it tended to pull my shorts down if I had it clipped to my waist.

Nine years and several generations of iPods later, I'm finally getting around to ripping all my CDs to iTunes.

Until now I've been getting by with a motley collection of MP3s and various individual songs I've bought from iTunes. I had ripped a few songs from my CDs in order to make mix CDs, but I'd never gone through the exercise of systematically ripping all 400 of my CDs into one collection. But now that I'm finally getting some quiet stay-at-home vacation time, I can finally do it. Hey, is anyone looking for 400 empty CD jewel cases?

It's funny going through my music collection in alphabetical order. Some things kinda make sense next to each other, like Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, or Depeche Mode and Dido. But then I also have Bobby Brown next to Box the Walls, which is just bizarre.

I'm also a bit angry at how many whole CDs I bought just to get one or two good songs. Grrr, Concrete Blonde! Why do I own five of your CDs?

I suppose the next project will be to rip all my vinyl albums too. Unfortunately my old turntable isn't working so well... it makes a clacking sound and the speed doesn't hold steady. So first I either have to try to fix it, or I have to buy a new one. But then the value equation of ripping those albums starts to get shaky. $100 for a new turntable, an hour for each album (I'd have to do it in real-time)... maybe I should just re-buy the music. Sigh.

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Posted by Ken in: lifemusic


Comment #1 from Julie (Guest)
2010 Dec 29 - 4:22 pm : #
Five Concrete Blonde CDs? FIVE? I can't even think of five Concrete Blonde songs that I like. There is (was) a huge musical gulf between me and the people one year older than me (the class of '90 and the class of '89) that I've never been able to fully explain, but it is largely defined (exemplified?) by Rush.

As for me, I have to wait around for my husband to get off his behind and somehow transfer (copy?) all of my music from the Mini to my new Macbook (!!!)

Then I have to find a way to get the damned thing online at work, where there is no Wifi, without paying an arm and a leg.
Comment #2 from Julie (Guest)
2010 Dec 29 - 4:23 pm : #
Any suggestions would be welcome. P.S. I'm on Sprint, not AT&T.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2010 Dec 29 - 11:53 pm : #
Yeah, I went through those Concrete Blonde CDs just now... a lot of the stuff is barely listenable. There are just a handful of passable songs. Oh well... what's done is done. It's not like I can un-spend that money.

As for getting your Macbook online, I don't have any good suggestions. There are various wireless data plans you could get (from any provider; it doesn't have to be your current cell phone carrier) but they're all in the $60 per month range. It's hard to believe you don't have WiFi at work. Is there wired internet at least?

In other news... I think my turntable just needs a new belt. I've ordered a $7.50 replacement. I see hours and hours of vinyl-album ripping in my future.
Comment #4 from Langknow (Guest)
2011 Jan 2 - 12:57 am : #
wow, you actually bought cds... I think I've never bought a cd in my life, all my music is from itunes or some other online music service... or just plain old torrents....
Comment #5 from Ken (realkato)
2011 Jan 2 - 2:05 am : #
@Langknow: What are you, a teenager? I have a hundred vinyl records. You have no idea. :)

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