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Sunday, 2005 October 9 - 9:33 pm
As you may remember, last weekend, everything was great except for the fact that Amy wasn't around. This weekend, Amy was the only thing that saved it from being a total disaster.

So Michigan lost again, in another heartbreaker, to Minnesota. GAAH. That effectively ends Michigan's hopes of a Big Ten championship, and now makes it doubtful that they'll play in a major bowl game in the post-season. Penn State next weekend? Egads. The Nittany Lions are fresh off a win over Ohio State, and are enjoying a surprise undefeated season. If Michigan loses there, they'll be 3-4, and in danger of not making the post-season at all.

During the fourth quarter of the game on Saturday, I fell asleep for about five minutes. And that's when Minnesota rattled off their big 61-yard running play to set up their game-winning field goal. Whenever something like that happens, I think to myself: was I responsible for that? If I'd been a more devoted fan, would there have been a butterfly effect that would somehow have caused Michigan to win?

I played in a poker game on Saturday, and I started off well, but ended up getting waxed. I feel like I played correctly most of the night, but I just wasn't getting the cards. On my last hand, I bluffed and went all-in with a 7 and 5, off-suit, going over the top of a raise. I felt like I had read my opponent correctly and that his hand wasn't that strong, and I was right. (It turned out he had Jack and Ten, off-suit.) But he stayed in the hand and called me, and I didn't draw any help.

The best pocket hand I had all night was a pair of threes. It just wasn't my night.

My fantasy football team, despite putting together its best performance all season, still lost. I scored 79 points, which would have been enough to beat just about every other team in the league, except the one that I played. My opponent this week scored 102 points, which is just FREAKISH, especially considering that his quarterback scored NEGATIVE ONE. The difference? Indianapolis's defense gave him 36 points, thanks to the utter ineptitude of the San Francisco offense.

I am still winless in the league.

But at least I had Amy. Oh, thank God for Amy. It turned out to be a terribly fun weekend despite all the bad news in sports. Amy and I ate and drank our faces off, and it seemed like we were laughing continuously all weekend. She has a way of making everything in my life better.

There were at least half a dozen occasions where I remarked to her, "Life is good". And really, it is.

(I should mention that there were a few good things that happened in the world of sports. Tiger Woods won the American Express Golf Championship. The Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals. Even the Detroit Lions even won, beating the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens, thanks mainly to the 21 penalties assessed on the Ravens. So there you go.)
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Posted by Ken in: lifesports


Comment #1 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Oct 10 - 12:15 am : #
You *ate* your faces off? The imagery is just fantastic, I can tell you...

Funny about the golf thing -- NPR mentioned that John Daly was in the lead with not many holes left. Oddly, I found myself cheering for him.

And did you hear the bit about how Tiger Woods apparently has public potty mouth?
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Oct 10 - 8:36 am : #
Public potty mouth? Shit, now he's definitely my hero.
Comment #3 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Oct 10 - 2:21 pm : #
Red Wings won too. I went to that game (McCarty was back in town) and it more or less saved my mood from that Michigan game.

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