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Super Sunday
Monday, 2006 February 6 - 8:24 pm
OW. OW OW OW. And also, favorite commercials.

It's not exactly the smartest thing I've ever done, playing a game of football for the first time in several years. Especially given that I've had very little exercise at all in the last six months.

My friend Bob used to host a flag football game before every Super Bowl. And yeah, we've had various injuries... a broken eye socket, a concussion, and various sprains and pulled muscles. But that was usually because of too much speed or aggression on the field. This time, I got hurt just because I'm old and I have marshmallows where my muscles used to be.

About half an hour into the game, I tweaked my right calf marshmallow (er, muscle). It was a minor strain, nothing that would keep me from continuing to play. But after another hour, I felt an erk in my LEFT calf muscle, and that was more serious... to the point where I could barely put any weight on my left leg. And the thing is, I'm pretty sure this same thing happened last time we got together to play football, four or five years ago. So I guess you could say, I should've seen it coming. Maybe I should have stretched more. Or maybe I should just avoid activities like this when I'm feeling all marshmallowy.

Fortunately, beer soothes all pain. I had a cold beer can pressed against each leg, and a beer can in each hand, and then I was fine.

As far as the game itself, yay Steelers, I guess I wanted them to win... and apparently, so did the refs! Haw haw.

But let's talk about the important stuff: the commercials. I think my favorites were: Sprint's "Crime Deterrent"; Bud Light's "Secret Fridge"; and for being different and uplifting, Dove's "Self Esteem". Honorable mention to Ameriquest's "That Killed Him" and Sierra Mist's "Metal Detector". Discuss!
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Posted by Ken in: lifesportstelevision


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2006 Feb 7 - 12:54 am : #
The Bill Murray response:
"Didn't see it."
Comment #2 from Noelle (Guest)
2006 Feb 7 - 9:09 am : #
I live in Pittsburgh. You should see the joy on people's faces, it's really fun.
Comment #3 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2006 Feb 7 - 9:25 am : #
I haven't been keeping up with you! should have been back here in SE Michigan for it. It was a true blast!

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