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News, Sports, Weather
Friday, 2006 June 9 - 8:23 am
Zarqawi killed; Carolina Hurricanes go up 2-0; and pleasant beach weather ahead.

Our top story today: We got him. Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. He was the leader of "al Qaeda in Iraq", the guy who beheaded hostages, the number one most wanted guy in Iraq. I hear his friends called him "Wacky Zack from Iraq".

We dropped two five-hundred-pound bombs on top of him. I'm pretty sure that's what killed him... although, he did drink a lot of Diet Pepsi too. Maybe the lupus got him.

Will his death change anything? Probably not. It might make things worse. Al Qaeda is like the Hydra: cut one head off, another grows in its place. Or maybe two. We've just given the insurgents a reason to seek revenge. We've created a martyr. Having exact intelligence about where Zarqawi was, why didn't we just capture him instead of bombing him? Put him on trial? Dress him in women's clothing?

Nah. It makes for better video on Fox News if we can show explosions and dead, bloated bodies.

In sports news, Carolina whipped Edmonton 5-0 in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals. You can't really blame Edmonton goalie Markkanen, playing in place of the injured Roloson, for the loss... Edmonton had all kinds of turnovers and penalties, and they just shot themselves in the foot. And Carolina played much better than they did in Game 1. Suddenly Carolina is up 2-0 in the series, and is looking like a heavy favorite to win it all. That would just be mind-blowing.

Television coverage finally moves to NBC starting with Game 3 on Saturday.

Let's take a look at the weather... sunny and hot in central North Carolina this weekend, with highs near 90. At the coast, some showers this afternoon, but mostly sunny with highs in the mid to upper 80s over the weekend. Might be a good time to head to the beach...
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Posted by Ken in: commentarysports


Comment #1 from olafandy (Guest)
2006 Jun 9 - 11:20 am : #
Cool...just like listening to WWJ! Where's the traffic report?
Comment #2 from blast from the past (Guest)
2006 Jun 12 - 2:27 pm : #
dude - i am going to write a blog entry in the next few days about the music on this trailer and how it came about, but thought you should check this out - thanks for letting me resurrect the flaming gorilla theme...
Comment #3 from javi (Guest)
2006 Jun 12 - 2:43 pm : #
whoops - that was me up there!

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