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My New Theory About "Lost"
Wednesday, 2010 February 17 - 2:57 pm
I hope all the "Lost" fans out there are enjoying this season as much as I am. I'm formulating a new theory about what's going on. For those of you who aren't caught up to last night's episode, don't click through; there might be some spoilers.

The first part of my theory is that fake-Locke, who's also the smoke monster, is an agent of worldwide destruction. The supporting pieces of evidence come largely from supplementary materials (web extras), not necessarily from the episodes themselves:
  • The monster is known as Cerberus, who was the three-headed hound who guarded the gates of hell in Greek and Roman mythology.
  • The Dharma initiative was investigating the Valenzetti Equation, a set of factors in an equation that predicted the end of the humanity.
The second part of my theory is that Jacob is a Jesus-like figure, who is attempting to find away to prevent humanity's destruction. Jacob was responsible for bringing the Others to the island (on the Black Rock pirate ship); they formed something of a religious organization to help keep Cerberus contained. Jacob also is responsible for getting the Oceanic passengers to the island; he sees them as being linked to the Valenzetti numbers, thus being part of the solution to staving off worldwide destruction.

As for the nuclear bomb incident, and the current "alternate reality" plot line, I have no idea how that's going to play out. I do believe there'll be some sort of epic good-versus-evil battle at the end, and the result of that battle will terminate one of the timelines.

My co-workers and I have been discussing this season extensively. Our worry is that as engineers, we're dissecting the show more heavily than the writers of the show themselves, and that our tendency to over-analyze will uncover disappointing plot holes and discontinuities. But we continue to hope that it will all tie together nicely at the end.

By the way, I have no inside information from Javi about any of this... and I kind of don't want any. I'm not the kind of person who seeks out spoilers; I want the story to unfold as the creators intended.

Who else has some theories to share?
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Posted by Ken in: television


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