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Girlfriend Update: Amy Week #2
Monday, 2005 September 12 - 7:52 am
And other weekend goings-on.

It's Amy Week again; hence the wonky posting schedule.

We spent the weekend watching football, playing poker (my friend Scott's regular Texas Hold'Em tournament, on Saturday evening), and napping. Oh, and there was lots of laughing. We just crack ourselves up all the time.

Speaking of football, WTF is up with Michigan? The defense seemed to play pretty well, at least in the second half, but quarterback Chad Henne played terribly. Throw an interception in the end zone, fumble in the end zone, throw wildly incomplete passes... this was not part of the game plan. Amy said that whatever he has written on that wrist-band must not be right. They should get rid of the list of plays printed there, and replace it with a reminder: "THROW BALL TO OUR TEAM".

In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers played pretty well, but having two touchdowns called back for the SAME penalty (receiver stepped out of bounds before catching the ball) sure doesn't help a team win. We figured the Panthers let New Orleans win, because of the hurricane and all.

And then there's my fantasy football team. My first pick, Daunte Culpepper, scored negative six points. So in other words, my team would have been better off WITH NO QUARTERBACK AT ALL. I guess the center would just snap the ball to the kicker all the time, and we'd just punt on first down.

So given the bad football weekend, at least I had Amy around to keep my spirits up. I'm still not sure I entirely understand our relationship. It's a mix of shmoopie-ness, friendly teasing, silliness, and inexplicable attraction. It somehow just seems to work. Both of us seem convinced that the other will grow weary of something eventually, but that hasn't happened yet. Each day seems better than the last. HOW CAN THIS BE? Maybe I shouldn't think about it too much.
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Posted by Ken in: datinglifesports


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 9:48 am : #
Life is short. Enjoy.
Comment #2 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 10:16 am : #
If I go off, I could easily fill up your comment space. Seriously. So all I will say is that Henne better not have a game like that again and he had better figure out how to get more throws to Avant and Breaston.

That game was easily winnable. *sigh*

Have I mentioned how much I hate Notre Dame?
Comment #3 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 11:02 am : #
you watch ...foozball :O ;) j/k

glad you have the g/f! that rocks! and the whole hanging out thing,doing stuff together, and having it be better every day.

that's the total way to go! :D
Comment #4 from JohnC (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 2:56 pm : #
Hey, that was probably Dante's worst game of the year. I am just glad it happened when you were playing me :-)

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