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Girlfriend Update: A Question
Friday, 2005 September 16 - 8:06 am
I will draw upon the collective wisdom of the Internets for this one.

The question of the day is:

Should Amy meet my previous girlfriend?

I am still friends with The Ex. The Ex and I have met up sporadically for drinks and dinners, every couple of months or so. Recently she called to say she got a new job, and wanted to go out to celebrate. Half-jokingly, she suggested that we go on a double-date: me with Amy, and her with her current boyfriend.

I'm not certain this is a good idea. If this were a sitcom, I'm sure the episode would involve many references to my Wee Waw, and it would end with me covered in mashed potatoes and doused with beer (but not in a good way).

It's not that I don't think Amy and The Ex could get along. I mean, they're both wonderful women, and I'm sure we could all have a pleasant evening. But then again, their personalities are vastly different, and of course there's the pink elephant in the room that might make for some awkwardness. So I'm just a little worried about it.

So the question is, am I just being neurotic? Or do people think it's generally a bad idea to introduce your current S.O. to your ex?
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Posted by Ken in: datinglife


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 11:00 am : #
I think this one's a bit too early. Right now, I would say it's a bad idea, especially if stories come out that Amy has not be properly prepared for. Maybe after you and Amy have gone out for a while longer and become even more comfortable and, more importantly, even more trusting, (not to say you aren't now, but every relationship deepens even further) this could be pulled off.
Comment #2 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 12:23 pm : #
I wouldn't do a double date yet. It might be OK to bump into them. Meaning I would not stress to much about separating them.
Comment #3 from Cori (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 12:39 pm : #
If you're uncomfortable with the idea, then it's too early.
Comment #4 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 1:59 pm : #
well the consensus is with the "don't do it!"

but to play devil's advocate. when i first met my wife, she was good friends with her ex. we never double dated but he hung out a lot with us and a couple of friends.

not exactly the same because there were other people to pay attention to us/him.

perhaps first meetings would be best that way, not a double date, but like a group going out to see a movie or something.

just 2 cents.
Comment #5 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 3:27 pm : #
If the Ex is OK with it, and Amy is OK with it (the real issue), why not? But definitely make sure the Ex is bringing someone. Or that pink elephant will be looming there over the dinner table. And you and Amy will be giggling and chatting, and the Ex may not be able to easily jump in.

I've done this a million times (OK, about 20 times - I'm serious!) and I don't recall any stories or reminiscences.

From the new girlfriend perspective, I'm always curious about the Ex, and when I'm feeling confident about the relationship, quite ready to meet her and hopefully make a new friend, and I have.
Comment #6 from Javi (Guest)
2005 Sep 16 - 11:50 pm : #
not yet. later, sure - when everyone is settled and confident, right now, can of worms. definitely wait.
Comment #7 from Bake Town (Guest)
2005 Sep 17 - 9:46 am : #
Oh hell no.

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