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Catching Up
Sunday, 2006 August 13 - 6:06 pm
Must... blog... can't... wait... any... more...

First, I want to mention something that's had me laughing for a couple of weeks.

There's a whiteboard in a hallway at work where someone keeps writing the first part of a common phrase, and other people are supposed to add responses. That kind of thing can be stupid or clever. There's a fine line between stupid and clever.

The other day, the first part was "When life hands you a lemon..." So Tim writes the response, "Tell life to SUCK IT." And no one had a followup to that. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I told Tim that he should write that same response no matter what opening phrase came up next. Like, "Where there's smoke... tell smoke to SUCK IT."

So, how's everyone doing? My diet is going fairly well, though yesterday was a cheating day; I ate a steak from Outback, mmmmmm. But otherwise, I've been carefully watching calories, sodium, and dietary fiber. Let me tell you, it is dang hard to find any kind of meat product that doesn't have a ton of sodium. And you know, as much as I love the subs at Quizno's, I don't think I can eat there much any more... they don't post their nutrition information, and I'm guessing they're probably as bad as Burger King.

And as for Panera Bread, only one salad is reasonably healthy... the strawberry poppyseed and chicken salad. Everything else is loaded with sodium, and fairly high in calories too. Go figure.

So, I've been trying to make my own lunches. Though even then, if I want to have meat, I'd have to grill my own chicken or beef to avoid all the sodium that's in deli meat.

In other news, I'm still embroiled in home improvement projects and wedding planning. We're almost ready to send out invitations. We've got a registry set up, though we haven't quite picked out everything yet. And I'm still trying to finish our wedding web site. It seems like we don't have much left to do, but for some reason, progress is slow; we keep getting caught up in other activities. (*cough* drinking *cough*).

Tomorrow night I'll be spending most of the evening watching the finale of "Hell's Kitchen." And coming up, I have to get ready for fantasy football, I have to figure out how I'm gonna fly to Las Vegas without bring any liquids with me, AND I have to find time for golf, running, cycling, curling, City of Heroes. Can somebody in government please pass legislation to add five hours to every day?
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Posted by Ken in: foodlife


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2006 Aug 13 - 11:06 pm : #
Good work at Quizno's!

Am I the only one who throws an orange, a container of yogurt, a cookie (from Whole Foods), a handful of carrots, and a bag of cereal (Barbara's shredded oats) in a bag while running out of the house and calls it lunch? (I know, I know. I'm a hamster.)

If you packed your lunch four days a week and then went out for sushi one day a week, it might be a tasty healthy tradeoff.
Comment #2 from sweatpantsmom (Guest)
2006 Aug 15 - 5:58 pm : #
Ken, I lurve your BlogHer recaps. TeeHee!
Comment #3 from Phil (Guest)
2006 Aug 25 - 12:37 am : #
And when life hands you a bathroom scale that says you're 20 pounds overweight.

Dude, continued good luck. I've been trying to eat less meat as of late (any number of reasons). Been snacking on Canadian carrots while on vacation and they're great but only when I can find them. Argh.
Comment #4 from Phil (Guest)
2006 Aug 26 - 1:22 am : #
Ooh, ooh!

Saw a book today on "Canadian Humor" and had to look. On the page I opened up to:

"When life hands you a lemon, kick life in the cherries and ask it 'how do you like them apples?'"

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