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Ken's Tacky Christmas Tour
Thursday, 2005 December 15 - 1:53 am
The top three loudest Christmas displays I've found so far this year.

#3: I call this one "Invasion of the Alien Ornaments". One or two new invaders appear each year.

#2: I call this "Meet the Griswolds".

#1: I call this "Jesus in Toyland". This picture doesn't do justice to the acre of ornaments and lights on this property:

Here's a bonus picture from Jesus in Toyland:

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Posted by Ken in: funnyhaha


Comment #1 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Dec 15 - 2:28 am : #
About 10 years ago, my cousin (I think he was about 5 at the time) decided that on Christmas, we should have a birthday cake for Jesus. So my aunt ordered a birthday cake and had "happy birthday Jesus" written on it, and then we all had to sing. Which you know, Jesus is the Reason for the Season and all that, but it was a little strange.
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Dec 15 - 10:24 am : #
This made me think of that scene from "Full Metal Jacket", where those Marine recruits were all singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. :lol:
Comment #3 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Dec 15 - 1:09 pm : #
Nice par-tay, Jesus!

Check out this display (scroll down):

Christmas, New York-style.

Mmmm. Yep.
Comment #4 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Dec 15 - 3:29 pm : #
OH MY GOD. I wish I lived in the south...
Comment #5 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Dec 16 - 10:53 am : #
No addresses or street names? No neighborhoods?
Comment #6 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Dec 16 - 11:08 am : #
#3 is in Cary, on Tarbert Dr just south of Cary Parkway.

#2 is in Garner, on Cotton Bolt Ct, near Hwy 50.

#1 is south of Raleigh, on Ten-Ten Road. I don't remember the exactly where; I think it's not far from Hwy 401.
Comment #7 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Dec 16 - 6:07 pm : #
Happy Birthday Jesus almost killed me I laughed so hard. Maybe this is how I will celebrate Christmas from now on. As a birthday party for Jesus, with hats and balloons and grocery store cake. So, how many candles would that be? I may have to purchase in bulk.

Also, this is exactly the kind of gaudy shit I'm going to be forced to look at from the back seat of the car when I go back to Ohio in a week. CAN'T WAIT!
Comment #8 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Dec 17 - 7:38 am : #
Comment #9 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Dec 18 - 1:44 am : #
I saw a house tonight that had Happy Birthday Jesus spelled out in lights, it was so big that it covered the entire side of the house. I'm guessing that they've already ordered the cake and party favors.
Comment #10 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Dec 20 - 6:30 pm : #
Update: Jesus in Toyland is at the corner of Ten Ten Rd and Landsburg.
Comment #11 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Dec 22 - 9:46 am : #
How much do you think that electric bill is going to be?

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