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Girlfriend Update: Amy Week Recap
Friday, 2005 September 2 - 11:57 pm
We STILL just can't get enough.

As I mentioned before, I'll only be able to see Amy every other week. So my life, for the immediate future at least, will be divided into Amy Weeks and Non-Amy Weeks. Today was the end of my first full Amy Week. We saw each other every single day, and it still didn't seem like enough.

Sometimes, especially in a new relationship, there's an imbalance: one person wants to spend every minute of every day together, and the other person feels smothered. Well, in our case, it seems we both want to spend as much time together as possible. I've never experienced this before. Does this mean something is very, very wrong, or does it mean something is very, very right?

We know we're a weird couple, especially from outward appearances. We're definitely Kip and LaFawnduh. We get some odd looks when we go out, the kind of looks that say, "how much money must THAT guy have, to get a girl like HER?"

Despite all this, we somehow connect. We're completely comfortable with each other, we laugh at the same things, and everything just seems to click. For all you folks out there in the on-line dating world with narrowly-defined search parameters: you might want to rethink that strategy. In Amy's case, she didn't match several of the criteria I used to think of as "required"... but it turns out she's more compatible with me than nearly anyone else I've met online. I guess you just never know what kind of chemistry you might get until you meet in person.

The "H" in The WHB stands for "Honky". The full acronym is "White Honky Bitch", and that was her call signal when she was a truck driver. I'M DATING A FORMER TRUCK DRIVER. Can you imagine someone who looks like an actress or a television news anchor driving a tractor-trailer? That's Amy. From her looks, she's frequently compared to Cameron Diaz or Jodie Foster. But she was a truck driver. I, on the other hand, am kind of like a Japanese Charlie Brown. I LOVE THE FREAKING IRONY OF OUR RELATIONSHIP.

I knew that Amy Week would end today. Actually, I anticipated a bit of relief at being able to get back to my bachelor life. But as it turns out, right now I wish she were still here. She's completely in my head, all the time. I've even been having dreams about her, dreams in which we have some silly conversation about This Is Spinal Tap or Homestar Runner. I always wake up laughing after those dreams.

In an email to me today, she wrote: "I am missing you like... a kid on the short bus with no helmet." I swooned just a little when I read that.

For the upcoming Non-Amy Week, I'll be back to watching television, surfing the Internet, and writing blog entries at night instead of in the morning. I'll be back to my comfortable and predictable routine. The surprise for me is this: I can't wait for it to be Amy Week again.
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Posted by Ken in: datinglife


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Sep 3 - 3:47 pm : #
Aww. This is so sweet.

Would that every week could be Amy Week. (There's a lyric for you.)
Comment #2 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Sep 3 - 4:34 pm : #
This is so awesome! Yea for the WHB and the JCB (Japanese Charlie Brown).

And, per your inquiry in paragraph two, I think it means that something is very, very right.
Comment #3 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 11:17 am : #
sorry, i got WAY behind... i'm catching up!

that means something is very very right. Mel and I started dating...actually, we didn't date. there was an accidental kiss and immediately we were "together." we BOTH wanted to smother each other and we both LOVED being smothered.

that accidental kiss will be five years ago on November 26th and we're still the same way. our three year wedding anniversary was August 10th and we haven't spent a single night apart for the past three years. we're kinda wigging a bit because both of us have overnight business trips coming up and we don't know what it's like to sleep alone anymore.

we don't get "boys night out" because we're best friends, why would i want to do anything without my best friend?

we were also worried about the "losing interest" thing, especially me since i get short lived obsessions. i'll obsess over a game or a movie for months, then drop it for a new obsession.

that hasn't even BEGUN to happen with Mel. she's still my life.

so, sorry for all the sap/cheese, but if you're feeling anything like i/we do, then you're more than fine!

because of it, we were christened melandy, and i think you two need the same thing:

you shall be known as Amen.

and that's kind of cool since your couple name means: used to express solemn ratification or hearty approval
Comment #4 from Matt (Guest)
2005 Sep 12 - 7:19 pm : #
She doesn't talk like a truck driver, does she?

Met my wife indirectly via an online dating 'site because we'd both tried it and were thus both sent the same email about an Academy Awards watching party. I didn't meet her age-criterion, either, and she came to the same conclusion you did. For bizarrerie you dating a former truck driver is hard to beat, but how 'bout a lifelong agnostic (me) marrying a Lutheran minister?

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